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Staff and Curriculum Development Network (SCDN)

Each BOCES and each Big 5 school district annually appoint a representative to act as their representative to the Staff and Curriculum Development Network (SCDN).  Network representatives meet quarterly in Albany, and also participate in an ongoing information-sharing listserv.

The quarterly Albany meetings allow representatives to learn about new or ongoing State Education Department initiatives, and often include discussion of practitioner participation roles in the development of such initiatives or SED policy.  Representatives also participate in their own professional development activities, including sharing of practices or protocols that have been very effective in their regions, or on topics that emerge from regional or local concerns or requests; and have been leaders in the rollout of State initiatives.

SCDN maintains its own web site which includes a list of appointed representatives, copies of meeting agendas, powerpoint presentations and other materials from SED and other presenters at the quarterly meetings.

The Office of Teacher Quality and Professional Development provides support to the SCDN by filling the role of principle liaison between the Department and the Network, and through management of the longstanding SCDN listserv (private, limited to appointed representatives and NYSED liaisons).

If you have questions or concerns regarding local implementation of NYS initiatives, bring them to the attention of your local BOCES representative or SCDN Executive Council member (click on SCDN Executive Council Member under SCDN Representatives).

Last Updated: September 27, 2011