Curriculum and Instruction

NYS Teacher Center-created statewide technology applications

Teacher Center technology-based applications have provided an increasing level technology-related services to educators throughout New York State for the past 25 years.  Some of these services may be continuing in 2010-11, depending on other sources of funding and the maintenance of technology application sites.

  • A searchable data base, by content area, level, key idea, and performance indicator, of thousands of lesson plans aligned to NYS Learning Standards, through ThinkfinityNY (the successor to Marco Polo, at www.thinkfinityny.org). The site is linked to SED’s Virtual Learning System (VLS).  Teacher Centers have also developed a cadre of nearly 100 facilitators to help teachers, schools and districts implement high-level uses of ThinkfinityNY to support student achievement; however, this resource is likely to be reduced without other sources of funding.
  • On-line resources for program evaluation
  • An on-line professional development academy
  • A teacher and student exam-preparation resource, Regents Review live
  • Special technology purchase programs with Intel, SMART, Prometheus, Dell, Adobe and Apple
  • Instructional technology teacher training through Intel Teach

Through the New York Institute of Technology, Teacher Centers are continuing, on a voluntary basis, to provide web connections for conversations and sharing among statewide committees, regional networks, policy boards and other stakeholders.  Teacher Center directors and staff also continue to participate in the NYIT-hosted directors’ on-line message board, ‘Caucus’.

Last Updated: September 1, 2017