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RFP #10-020
Title: Network Training Center

  1. Regarding Request for Proposals (RFP) 10-020 for Network Training Center, is there an incumbent? If so, could you please tell me the name of the incumbent and the incumbent contract value and duration?

    Answer: There is no incumbent. Currently, there is no contract in place that provides training to the RSE-TASC network as specified in RFP #10-020.

  2. Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) are not included in the listing of eligible applicants. If a BOCES is considered to be included in the category “not-for-profit service organizations” would they be eligible to apply?

    Answer: BOCES and LEAs are not eligible applicants. As stated in the RFP, Component #1, page 7, Description of Services to be Performed, deliverable #6 requires that the contractor will “assess the effectiveness of the RSE-TASC school improvement work with districts through annual evaluation of a sample of approximately 20 districts selected by NYSED.” Since the existing RSE-TASC network contracts are operated exclusively by BOCES and LEAs, inclusion of BOCES and LEAs as eligible applicants would constitute a conflict of interest for the deliverable that addresses the evaluation of network effectiveness.

  3. Are the requirements for minority-owned busines enterprises (MBE) (17%) and woman-owned business enterprises (WBE) (12%) contracting to be included within the 40% subcontracting limitation?

    Answer: Yes.

  4. Please clarify how Activity/Deliverable #2: "Plan and provide training as directed by the NYSED..." differs from the planning and training requirements listed under Activities/Deliverables # 3 and #4.

    Answer: Activity/Deliverable # 2: "Plan and provide training as directed by the NYSED..." states, as a preface to the detailed activities listed in deliverables 3 – 5, that planning and provision of all training will be directed by NYSED. Planning and development of an annual calendar for training activities will not be undertaken independently by the contractor, but will take place through the contractor’s participation with NYSED in statewide and regional planning.

  5. If it is necessary to recruit and hire an individual to serve as full-time Network Training Director are there alternative criteria to submitting a resume that would be deemed acceptable?

    Answer: A resume for the individual who will serve as the full-time Network Training Director is mandatory, as stated in the RFP, Component #3, Evaluation Criteria and Method of Award, page 18.

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Last Updated: February 24, 2011