Prekindergarten through Grade 12 Education

Questions and Answers

RFP #10-025
Long Island Special Education Parent Center

  1. Is there a cap on the RFP bid amount for the Long Island Parent Center?

    Answer: No. This is a Best Value Competitive Procurement.  The
    financial portion of the proposal represents thirty (30) points of the overall score and will be awarded points pursuant to a formula. This calculation will be computed by the Contract Administration Unit upon completion of the technical scoring by the technical review panel. The submitted budget will be awarded points pursuant to a formula which awards the highest score of thirty (30) points to the budget that reflects the lowest overall cost. The remaining budgets will be awarded points based on a calculation that computes the relative difference of each proposal against the lowest budget submitted. The resulting percentage is then applied to the maximum point value of thirty (30) points.

  2. What is the allowable % for overhead costs in the proposal summary?

    Answer: The New York State Education Department (NYSED) did not set a restriction on the overhead (indirect) cost rate in this RFP. This is a Best Value Competitive Procurement, with 30% of each bidder's final aggregate score based upon lowest submitted costs. NYSED reserves the right to determine if the indirect costs submitted in the cost proposal are reasonable.

  3. Are additional points awarded for provision of office space and some administrative support as indirect contributions to the program?

    Answer: No.

  4. Regarding subcontracting limits: Is the 29% required for M/WBE part of the overall limit of 40% subcontracting limit or is it a separate requirement that does not count towards the 40% subcontracting limit?

    Answer: The M/WBE goals are a part of the overall subcontracting limit of 40%.

Last Updated: March 3, 2011