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IFB #12-001 - Race to the Top Network Team Institute (NTI)

  1. Can you please confirm the method of payment for the overnight rooms and food and beverage?

    Answer: The contractor must submit a NYS Standard Voucher to be paid for lodging costs under the terms of the contract. Participants will pay for food and beverages with checks made payable to the hotel.

  2. With regard to internet usage: can you please let us know if there is a minimum bandwidth requirement? And will you require an early set-up in order to come in and test internet capabilities?

    Answer: Each participant should experience no less than what would be provided by basic broadband service (4.8 Mbps download/640 kbps upload). NYSED requires access to the meeting rooms the evening before the start of each session to do a walk-through for that session and to check that all equipment is working properly.

  3. Can you please provide a little further detail on the needs of the PLA group? Will they need breakouts and if so how many? What are their AV requirements?

    Answer: The PLA group will consist of approximately 50 participants and their needs will be the same as the NTI, but on a much smaller scale. For the general session room, PLA only requires dual screens. PLA will need 3 breakout rooms. The AV requirements for PLA and NTI are the same.

  4. On the cost proposal, line 9, it says “AV equipment use: PLA 1 day only” – Where can we enter in a cost for the NTI (large program) meeting room and AV costs?

    Answer: The cost proposal has two separate columns for those sessions that involve an additional day for PLA. The first column is for NTI, the second is identified as PLA. To avoid double-charging, bidders are instructed to include only 1 day of costs for the use of AV equipment and meeting rooms for the following PLA-only dates: March 15, April 18, and May 16.

  5. Is there a way to show value on a sliding scale for meeting room rental and AV costs based on the number of overnight rooms reserved and paid for?

    Answer: For scoring purposes, the IFB cost proposals must be based on the estimated number of participant rooms and meals as outlined in IFB Chart A, found on page 3 of the IFB.

  6. Are there parameters established for an attendee to qualify for lodging and meals?

    Answer: Any attendee in travel status, as determined by NYS travel guidelines, will be eligible for lodging. That means that the conference must be located outside of the attendee's home and/or official station. If the conference is within the specified area, lodging for those attendees will not be paid by NYSED. As for meals, those costs are the responsibility of the attendees; therefore, all attendees "qualify" for meals.
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