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State of New York Agreement

This AGREEMENT is hereby made by and between the People of the State of New York, acting through John B. King, Jr., Commissioner of Education of the State of New York and Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, party of the first part, hereinafter referred to as the (STATE) and the public or private agency (CONTRACTOR) identified on the face page hereof.

WHEREAS, the STATE has the authority to regulate and provide funding for the establishment and operation of program services and desires to contract with skilled parties possessing the necessary resources to provide such services; and

            WHEREAS, the CONTRACTOR is ready, willing and able to provide such program services and possesses or can make available all necessary qualified personnel, licenses, facilities and expertise to perform or have performed the services required pursuant to the terms of this AGREEMENT;

            NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises, responsibilities and covenants herein, the STATE and the CONTRACTOR agree as follows:

I.          Conditions of Agreement

            A.  This AGREEMENT may consist of successive periods (PERIOD), as specified within the AGREEMENT or within a subsequent Modification Agreement(s) (Appendix X).  Each additional or superseding PERIOD shall be on the forms specified by the particular State agency, and shall be incorporated into this AGREEMENT.

B.  Funding for the first PERIOD shall not exceed the funding amount specified on the face page hereof.  Funding for each subsequent PERIOD, if any, shall not exceed the amount specified in the appropriate appendix for that PERIOD.

            C.  This AGREEMENT incorporates the face pages attached and all of the marked appendices identified on the face page hereof. 

            D.  For each succeeding PERIOD of this AGREEMENT, the parties shall prepare new appendices, to the extent that any require modification, and a Modification Agreement (The attached Appendix X is the blank form to be used).  Any terms of this AGREEMENT not modified shall remain in effect for each PERIOD of the AGREEMENT. 

            To modify the AGREEMENT within an existing PERIOD, the parties shall revise or complete the appropriate appendix form(s).  Any change in the amount of consideration to be paid, or change in the term, is subject to the approval of the Office of the State Comptroller.  Any other modifications shall be processed in accordance with agency guidelines as stated in Appendix A1. 

            E.  The CONTRACTOR shall perform all services to the satisfaction of the STATE.  The CONTRACTOR shall provide services and meet the program objectives summarized in the Program Workplan (Appendix D) in accordance with: provisions of the AGREEMENT; relevant laws, rules and regulations, administrative and fiscal guidelines; and where applicable, operating certificates for facilities or licenses for an activity or program.

            F.  If the CONTRACTOR enters into subcontracts for the performance of work pursuant to this AGREEMENT, the CONTRACTOR shall take full responsibility for the acts and omissions of its subcontractors.  Nothing in the subcontract shall impair the rights of the STATE under this AGREEMENT. No contractual relationship shall be deemed to exist between the subcontractor and the STATE.

            G.  Appendix A (Standard Clauses as required by the Attorney General for all State contracts) takes precedence over all other parts of the AGREEMENT.              

II.          Payment and Reporting

            A.  The CONTRACTOR, to be eligible for payment, shall submit to the STATE's designated payment office (identified in Appendix C) any appropriate documentation as required by the Payment and Reporting Schedule (Appendix C) and by agency fiscal guidelines, in a manner acceptable to the STATE.

            B.  The STATE shall make payments and any reconciliations in accordance with the Payment and Reporting Schedule (Appendix C).  The STATE shall pay the CONTRACTOR, in consideration of contract services for a given PERIOD, a sum not to exceed the amount noted on the face page hereof or in the respective Appendix designating the payment amount for that given PERIOD.  This sum shall not duplicate reimbursement from other sources for CONTRACTOR costs and services provided pursuant to this AGREEMENT.

            C.  The CONTRACTOR shall meet the audit requirements specified by the STATE.

III.         Terminations

            A.  This AGREEMENT may be terminated at any time upon mutual written consent of the STATE and the CONTRACTOR.

            B.  The STATE may terminate the AGREEMENT immediately, upon written notice of termination to the CONTRACTOR, if the CONTRACTOR fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT and/or with any laws, rules, regulations, policies or procedures affecting this AGREEMENT.

            C.  The STATE may also terminate this AGREEMENT for any reason in accordance with provisions set forth in Appendix A1.

            D.  Written notice of termination, where required, shall be sent by personal messenger service or by certified mail, return receipt requested.  The termination shall be effective in accordance with the terms of the notice.

            E.  Upon receipt of notice of termination, the CONTRACTOR agrees to cancel, prior to the effective date of any prospective termination, as many outstanding obligations as possible, and agrees not to incur any new obligations after receipt of the notice without approval by the STATE.

            F.  The STATE shall be responsible for payment on claims pursuant to services provided and costs incurred pursuant to terms of the AGREEMENT.  In no event shall the STATE be liable for expenses and obligations arising from the program(s) in this AGREEMENT after the termination date.

IV.  Indemnification

            A.  The CONTRACTOR shall be solely responsible and answerable in damages for any and all accidents and/or injuries to persons (including death) or property arising out of or related to the services to be rendered by the CONTRACTOR or its subcontractors pursuant to this AGREEMENT.  The CONTRACTOR shall indemnify and hold harmless the STATE and its officers and employees from claims, suits, actions, damages and costs of every nature arising out of the provision of services pursuant to this AGREEMENT.

            B.  The CONTRACTOR is an independent contractor and may neither hold itself out nor claim to be an officer, employee or subdivision of the STATE nor make any claim, demand or application to or for any right based upon any different status.

V.         Property

            Any equipment, furniture, supplies or other property purchased pursuant to this AGREEMENT is deemed to be the property of the STATE except as may otherwise be governed by Federal or State laws, rules or regulations, or as stated in Appendix Al. 

VI.        Safeguards for Services and Confidentiality

            A.  Services performed pursuant to this AGREEMENT are secular in nature and shall be performed in a manner that does not discriminate on the basis of religious belief, or promote or discourage adherence to religion in general or particular religious beliefs.

            B.  Funds provided pursuant to this AGREEMENT shall not be used for any partisan political activity, or for activities that may influence legislation or the election or defeat of any candidate for public office.

            C.  Information relating to individuals who may receive services pursuant to this AGREEMENT shall be maintained and used only for the purposes intended under the contract and in conformity with applicable provisions of laws and regulations, or specified in Appendix A1.

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