Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) are co-curricular organizations for individuals who are enrolled in career and technical classes and/or programs.  The goal of CTSOs are to engage students in leadership development and career and technical education activities that are part of the instructional program.  CTSOs are also part of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)’s Quality CTE Program of Study Framework.
In New York, there are seven chartered CTSOs which represent all six of New York’s CTE areas.  Visit the links on the left sidebar to learn more about each organization and what it may provide for your school’s CTE program.

As Career and Technical Student Organizations enter the 2020-2021 school year, the year will look very different from others in the past.  The following items should be considered by CTSOs as they look to implement a successful program year

  • Follow all directions from the respective state and national organizations that oversee the CTSO.  Their guidance throughout the year will assist in making any potential program modifications
  • Consider if conferences, meetings, service projects, programs of work, and events can be conducted remotely in the event that face to face meetings cannot take place.  CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, equipment, and events must be followed when planning CTSO events. 
  • Consider if video conferencing software can be used to conduct roleplays to adhere to social distancing guidelines. 
  • Consider if written exams can be proctored or completed remotely, especially on a secure platform.  
  • Consider if chapter, regional, or state level meetings can be held remotely. 
  • Consider if business and industry partners can continue to contribute to the success of the organization remotely. 
  • Consider CDC guidelines when setting up and planning competition facilities, including sanitization of any surfaces and equipment between competitors. 
  • Consider if handshakes or direct physical contact with judges and competitors can be excused given COVID-19.  Consider if materials can be sent to the judge electronically.
  • Consult with local legal counsel regarding any concerns regarding EdLaw 2D and any other questions regarding allowable platforms for teleconferencing.  
Last Updated: July 17, 2020