Career & Technical Education

CTE Data Reporting

For CTE policy to be directed by data-driven decisions, complete and valid data are needed from all districts in the State. All CTE students in New York State need to be counted to provide an accurate picture of CTE participation. A CTE student is an individual enrolled at an accredited secondary school, seeking a high school diploma, or GED and enrolled in a CTE program.

CTE programs are comprised of at least three CTE courses or units of study that together form a cohesive concentration. Located in high schools and BOCES or technical/CTE high schools, CTE programs provide academic and technical instruction in the content areas of agriculture, business and marketing, family and consumer sciences, health occupations, trade and technical education and/or technology education. Cohesive concentrations are groups of courses or units of study that when combined make up a program. These courses or units of study may be from a single CTE content area, or from a combination of content areas.

Students taking courses taught by teachers certified in Agriculture Education, Business and Marketing Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Occupations Education, Technology Education, and Trade and Technical Education are CTE students and should be reported as such.

Now that most CTE data reporting is collected through the Student Information Repository System (SIRS), some duplication of data collection has been eliminated. For example, all demographic information about a student will now be entered once, and used for a number of data reports.

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Last Updated: March 10, 2014