Career & Technical Education

CTE Post-High School Placement Data Collection (3S1)

Who must report placement data on CTE students?

Placement data must be reported by the school district or BOCES that delivered the New York State Approved CTE program.

Which students are counted?

CTE concentrators who were ever enrolled in a New York State Approved CTE Program and who left school in the school year before the 3S1 survey is done.

What is the definition of concentrator?

In the local high schools, concentrator is a student who has completed at least two sequenced CTE courses (equivalent to two full school-year courses) in a state-approved program. In the BOCES, a student who has successfully completed two-thirds of his or her program.

Why must we report placement data after students have left secondary school?

Placement after leaving high school is an accountability measure used by the federal government to measure effectiveness of the programs. Perkins legislation requires actual placement data, not “plans for after graduation.” Placement outcomes can only be obtained by waiting four to six months after the CTE student leaves school.


Where can I obtain a survey form to use to collect placement data?

The survey continues to be a locally developed instrument. Because of the various ways this information can be collected we cannot recommend a specific format. Some districts simply use a phone log and a set number of questions. Others use web-based or paper surveys. 


Do I submit data on each individual program, as we did when we completed the CTEDS follow-up form?

No. Submit aggregate data for all Approved Programs offered by your school. This is the minimum amount of data needed for federal reporting. As in the CTE reporting done through the SIRS, placement data needs to be disaggregated by demographic and special population categories.

How do I know that students were in an approved CTE program?

From your report containing CTE concentrators who left school in the reporting year, select records by program service/CIP code. Students in Approved Programs will have a program service code other than the generic codes for the six content areas. These are:

Agriculture: 010599
Business & Marketing: 529999    
Family & Consumer Sciences: 199999
Health Occupations: 519999     
Technology Education: 151599
Trade & Technical: 489999   


Do I report only those students who completed the program?

No. Report all students that achieved concentrator status and left secondary education during the reporting year.



What if the student completed the program in his or her junior year, but but left school in the  in his or her senior year ?


Report all students that achieved concentrator status and left secondary education during the reporting year regardless of when they completed their CTE program.



Are Title II/Tech Prep students reported with all other CTE students?


How should students involved in more than one placement type (e.g., attending post-secondary and working) be reported?


The Title II program was discontinued at the federal level. Include all CTE students in the same 5S1 report.


Since line 7 (total male and female students) must be an unduplicated count, only one placement type can be selected. For students who are engaged in more than one placement type, use the following hierarchy:

  1. Postsecondary/ Advanced training;
  2. Employment related to CTE program;
  3. Other Employment unrelated to CTE program;
  4. Military;
  5. Unemployed but seeking work;
  6. Other, unemployed and not looking, deceased, or jailed;
  7. Status Unknown after attempts.


What happens if I miss the deadline?

Effort should be made to complete the survey of students during the period October to December.  Any data collected in follow-up done in January can still be included in the placement reporting spreadsheet. The due date for submitting the compiled data in the spreadsheet is March 31 of each reporting year.


I am not able to contact all students, what should I do?

If a student can not be reached at all, include him or her in the in the “Status Unknown” column of the spreadsheet.




Can a student be counted under more than one special population category?




What if the student took one Approved program in the local high school and a second Approved program at the BOCES?

Both schools should survey that student and include him or her in the overall placement data for the Approved Program.  If the student was in an Approved Program in only one location, the school that delivered the Approved Program should be the only reporter of the placement data.


If a student is in a DOL-registered apprenticeship is his or her placement outcome employment or additional education?

Registered apprenticeships are considered advanced training and should be counted as additional education.


I was not able to contact the student directly, but I was able to obtain information from the student’s parent? Should I include this data in the overall counts?

If direct contact is made with a student’s legal guardian and the person surveying is satisfied that the response falls into the identified outcome categories, it should be recorded.


Are we reporting only on seniors?



In years past, we always had our District Superintendent sign our CTED II report on a cover sheet. Because we are sending this electronically do you still want the cover sheet mailed to your office?

No. Report all students that achieved concentrator status and left secondary education during the reporting year.


There is no cover sheet to sign, but we are asking that a copy of the data report that has been submitted be reviewed and signed by the district superintendent. Please keep this copy on file to respond to future program monitoring requests, or in the event of a program audit.



Last Updated: September 3, 2019