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Reminder: Post-High-School Placement (5S1) Data Survey Period October to December Each Program Year

October 30, 2017

 The CTE Office collects post-high-school placement data on students who have been enrolled in New York State Approved Programs (see www.p12.nysed.gov/cte/ctepolicy/approved.html for a current list of Approved Programs).

As in prior years, post-high-school placement data will be collected on CTE students who reached the concentrator level and left secondary education the previous year.  A survey of students who participated in New York State Approved Programs should take place between October 1, and should be completed by December 31 of each program year.  Placement data collection questions and answers are found at www.p12.nysed.gov/cte/Data/PlacementQ_A.html.

Ideas to improve survey response rate: Provide instructors with a copy of the survey form. In the event that students visit, the instructor can collect the needed information directly. If possible, obtain the student's e-mail address or other contact information prior to the end of the program. Smaller programs might be able to contract the student's parents for the placement information if the student does not respond.

Post-high-school placement data is the only Career and Technical Education (CTE) data element that is reported outside of the Student Information Repository System (SIRS). All other data is now captured through the SIRS (i.e., high school completion and graduation, performance on English Regents, Math Regents, and Technical Skills assessments, program types, membership in special populations and nontraditional student details).

Placement outcome data collection for New York State Approved CTE programs is accomplished through locally developed surveys, (e.g., internet, phone, or paper). To report this data, use the 5S1 spreadsheet Placement Data reporting form. The agency that provided the CTE instruction in the Approved Program is responsible for conducting the survey and submitting the post-high-school placement data on their former CTE students.

Retain a copy of the submitted data for your reference in the event we need to contact you for clarification. Submit your completed MS Excel spreadsheet to the email box emsccte@nysed.gov no later than March 31 of the next year.

Please name your file using the following format: “your school name5S1”


A Note to Perkins Grantees:

Perkins grantees who do not submit data on 5S1 must provide details on their grant application concerning why their survey results were not collected and /orĀ  submitted and what steps will be taken to address these deficiencies.

Failure to submit required data will can result in delay of funding. Funds can be withheld if programs do not comply with data reporting requirements of the Perkins legislation.



If you have any questions regarding CTE data, please contact Deb Reiter at 518-486-1547 or e-mail Deborah.Reiter@nysed.gov.





Last Updated: January 3, 2018