Career & Technical Education

Middle Level Career and Technical Education

In September 2017, the Board of Regents revised the CTE portion of Commissioner's Regulations 100.4(c). The main provisions are that

  • all middle-level students are entitled to 1 ¾ unit career and technical education,
  • instruction can begin as early as grade 5, and
  • instruction can be delivered by teachers certified in any title in any CTE content area.

A curricular guidance framework has been developed in collaboration with CTE teachers statewide to assist schools in the implementation of the changed middle-level CTE regulation. The curricular guidance is comprised of Theme Modules and Content Modules. For more information regarding how the modules are designed to work together, please see About the Modules . Select from the links below to view the modules (in PDF format) or an overview of their guiding questions.




CTE Theme Modules

Overview of Guiding Questions

Career & Community Opportunities

Communication & Interpersonal Relationships

Financial & Consumer Literacy

Health, Safety, & Wellness

Problem-Solving, & Innovation



School District Middle Level CTE Curriculum
School-designed project-based learning experiences to help middle level students gain foundational CTE knowledge and skills (themes) through the lens of a CTE content area.


Business & Marketing

Family and Consumer Sciences

Health Science

Technology Education

Trade & Technical Education


Last Updated: October 10, 2018