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Discipline Overview

Agricultural Education is a program designed to help K-12 students and others develop the knowledge and skills essential for success in meeting their educational and cMay 12, 2009 of the total food, fiber and natural resources systems in our society; make connections between plant and animal sources and end products; and explore food systems career opportunities.

The instructional program derives from the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) Learning Standards and offers strategies, resources and materials for elementary, middle, secondary and continuing education as follows:

In conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, the College of Agriculture and Life Science of Cornell University, and numerous agricultural agencies in New York State, the Agriculture in the Classroom program offers a curriculum in agricultural awareness that is ready for infusion into the core curriculum of grades K-6 and a Middle School Food Systems Curriculum that is designed to integrate food systems education into the middle school curriculum.

Secondary school Agricultural Education programs are composed of three essential components: classroom instruction, supervised work experience, and student leadership development activities. Agricultural Education in secondary schools has three major purposes: to provide the agricultural knowledge and understanding necessary to intelligent functioning as consumers, home owners, and citizens; to provide exploration of, and introduction to, agricultural careers to those students searching for their career area; and to provide career and technical education to those who have decided on a career in agriculture.

The Agricultural Education instructional area consists of two programs which may not be used as career and technical education sequences in satisfaction of diploma requirements. These are:

Agricultural Awareness

A student enrolled in the Agricultural Awareness program will develop an awareness of the scope and importance of the agriculture industry, through study of basic principles and concepts of agriculture, career opportunities, and the necessary personal development.

Self-fulfillment through Agriculture

A student enrolled in the Self-fulfillment Through Agriculture program will acquire the abilities to produce, care for, and manage plants, animals, and natural resources, for reasons of personal development and satisfaction.

For information on current policy and programs that are Agricultural Education sequences in Career and Technical Education, please see our graduation requirements.

Last Updated: May 12, 2009