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Professional Development in agricultural education helps to build linkages between the various collaborations involved in the delivery of agricultural education, K-12; identify resources at local, state, and national levels; encourage sharing of unique professional expertise for meeting state learning standards, assessments, and graduation requirements; disseminate innovative programs in the local schools and BOCES; and improve communication in the program.

The New York Association of Agricultural Educators, formerly (ATANY) in conjunction with the Agricultural Education Outreach Program sponsor an annual professional development conference for educators.

5/1/14 Tara Berescik of Grahamsville, NY named ACTE Teacher of the Year

Tara Berescik

ALEXANDRIA, VA—The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) announces that Tara Berescik of Grahamsville, New York, was named the ACTE Teacher of the Year. Berescik is an agricultural educator with Tri-County Central School District. In addition to advising her award-winning FFA team after hours, Berescik teaches eight classes a day, covering a variety of disciplines in which she integrates not only hands-on experience but crosswalks into math, science and English.

As an agricultural educator and FFA adviser at Tri-County School District for the past 13 years, Tara Berescik remains a source of inspiration and support for her students even after they have left her classroom. As a teacher known for her sympathy and aptitude for maximizing potential in others, Berescik is frequently called upon by former students for her advice concerning challenging college and career decisions. A former student (and one of eight who has gone on to pursue a career as an agricultural education instructor), said, "Tara dedicates her life to her students and does whatever it takes to ensure their success. For Tara, her dedication to her students lasts around the clock, every day,”

Last Updated: May 1, 2014