Career & Technical Education

Program Management

There are various partnerships involved in Agricultural Education in New York State.

New York State Education Department, LEAs and BOCES

The New York State Education Department provides leadership in the development of policies affecting career and technical education and in the planning and delivery of career and technical education programs to all students, K-12. The chart depicts the various collaborations involved in the administrative management of Agricultural Education programs at the elementary, middle, secondary and continuing education. More than 240 agricultural educators offer instruction to over 8000 students in local educational agencies(LEAs) and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES).


Cornell University

This is the administrative management center for agriculture in the classroom and the agricultural education outreach programs. These are vital programs in the provision of resources, technical assistance to teachers, and in the preparation of students in the early grades for career awareness in agriculture as basis for the total food, fiber and natural resources systems. As an institution of higher learning, Cornell also offers programs and courses in agriculture leading to doctoral degrees through the Agriculture and Life Sciences Department in the College of Education.

For details about these programs, visit http://www.cals.cornell.edu/external link.

New York Agriculture in the Classroom (NYAITC)

The NYAITC is a Pre-K - 6 program that was established in 1985 as a partnership consisting of Cornell University, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, the New York State Education Department, and the New York Farm Bureau. Program vision is for individuals in New York State to develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the total food, fiber and natural resources systems. The program also provides comprehensive curriculum materials for Pre-K through Grade 6 and extensive resources for primary and secondary teachers and students, and facilitates teacher workshops through Cornell Cooperative Extension Associations and/or the New York Farm Bureau.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Janet E. Hawkes at 607: 255-9252.


The Triad: FFA Foundation, FFA Governing Board and NYAAE

The triad of FFA Foundation, FFA Governing Board and the New York Association of Agricultural Educators, formerly (ATANY) is designed to offer leadership to the New York Association of FFA in the areas of training, program and policy development, fiscal management and to provide a link to the professional organization for agricultural educators for technical assistance in student leadership development and other related activities. For more information see, the FFA Foundation: http://www.nysffa.org/index.phpexternal link.

Last Updated: January 17, 2014