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Available Course Outlines and Resources

Accounting for Investing and Managing (AIM) (MS Word Document, 9148KB)

AIM Crosswalk to the Mathematics Standards (MS Word Document, 121KB)

Broadcast Journalism(MS Word Document, 63KB)
Developed by Tim Blake and Kim Sabo, North Warren High School

The Business of Music (MS Word Document, 62KB)

Business Management (MS Word Document, 172KB)
A skill rather than a content approach to teaching Management

Business Personal Financial Math(MS Word Document, 99KB)
Submitted by Watervliet High School

Careers & Computers I  (MS Word Document,40KB) 
Submitted by Latefa Lang, Mohonasen High School

Careers & Computers II(MS Word Document, 35KB)
Submitted by Latefa Lang, Mohonasen High School

College Preparation(MS Word Document, 40KB)
Submitted by Paul V. Moore High School

Corporate Communications
Submitted by Deb Cummings, Brockport High School

Corporate Communications Collaborative Curriculum Development Project 

Cyber Law(MS Word Document, 122KB)


E-Commerce Curriculum Outline(MS Word Document, 38KB)
Developed by Jim Miles, Pittsford Sutherland High School

E-Commerce Curriculum Outline -Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School (MS Word Document, 24KB) 


Economics in Business (MS Word Document, 93.5KB)
Developed by teachers from Albany High School, Bethlehem High School, Burnt-Hills High School, Guilderland High School and Mohanasen High School

Entertainment Law (MS Word Document, 211KB)

Entrepreneurship(MS Word Document, 63KB)
Submitted by Steve Shell, White Plains High School

Essential Skills(MS Word Document, 34KB)
Submitted by Jim Woodard, South Glens Falls High School

Fashion Apparel and Accessories  (MS Word Document, 1.48MB)
Submitted by Kristin Olsen of Rocky Point High School

Fashion Marketing(MS Word Document, 185KB)
Submitted by Kristin Olsen of Rocky Point High School

Finance(MS Word Document, 125KB)
Submitted by Williamsville Central School District

Financial Planning I(MS Word Document, 23KB)
Submitted by Jim Miles, Pittsford Sutherland High School

Financial Planning II(MS Word Document, 21.5KB)
Submitted by Jim Miles, Pittsford Sutherland High School

International Business (MS Word Document, 81KB)
Developed by Lou Dicesare, West Irondequoit HS

Introduction to Business Administration ( MS Word Document, 40KB)
Developed by Barry Bookstein, Nyack Senior High School

Math & Financial Applications(MS Word Document, 58KB)
Crosswalk of Math and FInancial Applications to the New Math Standards

Math & Financial Activities (MS Word Document, 50KB)

Math & Financial Crosswalk (MS Word Document, 74KB)

Multimedia Presentations (MS Word Document, 116KB)
Developed by Nicole Rice, Cincinnatus High School

Multimedia and the Internet (MS Word Document, 47KB)
Developed by Jeanne Overend, Marcellus High School

Personal Finance(MS Word Document, 60KB)
Submitted by Jim DiSessa, Holley Senior High School

Quantitative Business Applications (Math & Finance(MS Word Document, 39KB)
Developed by Rich Heim, Shaker High School

Sports and Entertainment Marketing(MS Word Document, 48KB)
Submitted by Jamie Currier, Hannibal High School

Sports and Entertainment Marketing (MS Word Document, 42KB)
Submitted by Marsha Iverson, Valley Stream High School

Sports Law (MS Word Document, 162KB)

Sport Management (MS Word Document, 35KB)

Word Sport Management Resource Guide (MS Word Document, 230KB)

Suggested books and movies to enhance Business & Marketing Education instruction (Excel Document, 39KB)

Wall Street-Advanced Investments and International Markets Course (MS Word Document, 91KB)

Last Updated: August 20, 2009