Career & Technical Education

Career Plans are an important mechanism to add relevance and meaning to learning experiences across subject areas.  The career development model used to create the Career Plan aligns with the CDOS standards.

The New York State Career Plan records a student’s knowledge and skill attainment.  It documents a history of achievement that students build from elementary school to high school.  The Career Plan design has also incorporated the transition planning process that is highly desirable for all students and required for students with disabilities.

Career Plans can be used as the employability profile that is required for students in programs approved under the 2001 Regents Policy on CTE. More importantly, the Career Plan is an effective graduation planning tool for all students.

Students in grades 6-12 can create individual Career Plans with the "My Portfolio" tool found at the New York State Department of Labor's CareerZone web site.

Career Plans for elementary levels and adults

Kindergarten and First Grade ( PDF file 40KB)

Second and Third Grade ( PDF file 40KB)

Fourth Grade and Up ( PDF file 40KB)

Middle Level ( PDF file 40KB)

Secondary Commencement Level (PDF file 40KB)

Career Plan for Adults ( PDF file 40KB)

Last Updated: July 5, 2019