Career & Technical Education

Applications for Program Approval and Re-approval



Application Closeout Procedures

Each January, agencies are notified of programs that are due to expire at the end of the school year. To insure continuity of approval, a complete re-approval application should be submitted by June 30th of that year. Submitted applications that are missing required information or documentation will be considered to be inactive and programs removed from the approved list on December 31. Inactive programs are not eligible to award the CTE endorsement.

Application forms for 2018, discard prior versions.

Note: To improve organization and consistency of submissions, we have changed the application format. Details for Sections A-E and H-J will now be provided on separate cover sheet forms in Part 2.  Documentation related to an individual section should  be attached to the corresponding cover sheet.

New: The application now has two parts. Be sure to submit both Part 1 and Part 2 in your application package.

Initial Approval

Part 1: Application for CTE Program Approval (MS Word Document 150 KB)
Part 2: Application Detail Forms for Sections C-J (MS Word Document 31 KB)


Part 1: 2018 Program Re-approval Application (MS Word Document 139 KB)
Part 2: Application Detail Forms for Sections C-J(MS Word Document 31 KB)

Program Changes

To report program changes during the five-year approval period, complete the amendment form below.

Approved Program Amendment form (MS Word Document 26 KB)

Guidelines for Approvals and Re-approvals

A school district or BOCES seeking approval or re-approval for a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program must complete both parts of the appropriate application. Electronic submission is required.

  1. A separate two-part application must be filed for each CTE program seeking approval or re-approval.
  2. The State Education Department must complete a technical and programmatic review of all applications to issue program approval. Programs must maintain current SED approval to continue to award their students CTE endorsements on diplomas.
  3. An application will not be reviewed unless all information is provided and the appropriate official has signed it.
  4. Questions regarding the completion of the CTE program approval or re-approval application may be directed by e-mail to emsccte@nysed.gov or by calling (518) 486-1547.
  5. Submission requirements: The application form must be submitted electronically (MSWord document only). Additionally, all supporting documents must be sent electronically, (as PDF files). As in the past, the application package should be sent to: emsccte@nysed.gov; a paper copy of the application form with original signature must be mailed to: 

    CTE Program Approval
    New York State Education Department
    Career and Technical Education Team
    89 Washington Avenue, Room 315 EB
    Albany, New York 12234


Last Updated: February 12, 2018