Career & Technical Education


1/21/14 New Instructions

Electronic submission now required, please review updated instructions, (MS Word Document 53 KB)which apply to both approval and re-approval.

Application for CTE Program Approval (MS Word Document 150 KB)

2014 Program Re-approval Application (MS Word Document 142 KB)

2013 Program Re-approval Application (MS Word Document 141KB)


Instructions for Approvals and Re-approvals

A school district or BOCES seeking approval or re-approval for a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program must complete the appropriate application.

  1. A re-approval application must be processed by the State Education Department for each program originally approved or re-approved during the 2009-2010 school year.  Successful re-approval is necessary in order to continue awarding the CTE endorsement on diplomas issued during the 2014-2015 school year and remaining approved period of time.*
  2. A separate application must be filed for each CTE program seeking approval or re-approval.
  3. An application will not be processed unless all information is provided and the appropriate official has signed it.
  4. Questions regarding the completion of the CTE program approval or re-approval application may be directed by e-mail to emsccte@mail.nysed.gov or by calling (518) 486-1547.
  5. Two versions of the application must be submitted: an electronic copy (MSWord document only) to emsccte@mail.nysed.gov ; and the original signature application and all supporting documents mailed to: 

CTE Program Approval
New York State Education Department
Career and Technical Education Team
89 Washington Avenue, Room 315 EB
Albany, New York 12234

* Programs with other expiration dates must also submit applications for re-approval electronically. Re-approval must be completed in order for programs to continue awarding the CTE endorsement.


Last Updated: January 22, 2014