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Driver and Traffic Safety Education Guidelines

Program Description and Requirements

DTSE 2015 Guidelines MS Word Document (248 KB) DTSE 2015 Guidelines PDF ( 508 KB)

Pre-amble to August 2015 Guidelines:

Based on Vehicle and Traffic Law 507, the New York State Education Department has the authority to grant approval for schools to offer Driver & Traffic Safety Education (DTSE) courses. The approval process has evolved in recent years to include a more robust oversight of the program as evidenced by updated guidelines, policies, procedures, and monitoring. This latest iteration of the DTSE Guidelines is the result of a collaborative process which included stakeholders from the New York State Education Department, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the Department of Health, the Driver Education Research and Innovation Center, and the New York State Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association.

The DTSE Guidelines address course requirements from student, teacher, administrator, and district perspectives. It is a school’s responsibility to provide a safe and effective program: the guidelines define what that looks like. Still, some schools may require more intense supports while implementing these guidelines. This may occur via technical assistance, documented non-compliance, program suspensions, or program revocations. New DTSE administrators are encouraged to seek technical assistance from the NYSED Office of Driver & Traffic Safety Education as a proactive approach to performing the tasks necessary to run their school’s program with fidelity.

For those familiar with the previous Guidelines (from March 2011), please note the most significant changes are in the items/areas that address Records Retention, Administrator Certification, and contracts with DMV Licensed Driving Schools. DTSE teachers and administrators are expected to be aware of the Guidelines. Questions about specific items or changes can be submitted to emscdrved@nysed.gov.



Last Updated: August 13, 2015