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August 17, 2010

To:         Driver & Traffic Safety Education Program Administrators

              District Superintendents

              Superintendents of Public and Nonpublic Schools

              Presidents of Institutions of Higher Education that Conduct Driver and Traffic

              Safety Education Programs

              Driver & Traffic Safety Education Teachers and Instructors

From      Driver & Traffic Safety Education (DTSE) Team

Re          Driver & Traffic Safety Education: Program Application Form and Recent Program Changes


              A number of changes to the Driver & Traffic Safety Education program were introduced this past Spring and Summer.  More details about these changes can be found on our DTSE Website at www.emsc.nysed.gov/cte/de.  Many of the changes are important enough to warrant repeating as we enter the 2010 school year.  These important changes are bulleted below:

  • March 2010 new DTSE Guidelines published
  • April 2010 new forms for program (DE-1) and teacher approval (DE-2)
  • April 2010 DTSE office transitions from a paper record system to an electronic record system
  • April 2010 finger printing of all DTSE teachers (MV-283) and instructors (MV-524) is recorded via the new program approval form (DE-1)
  • All DTSE teachers (MV-283) and instructors (MV-524) are required to be entered into the NYSDMV’s License Event Notification Service (LENS)

                  Starting September 2010, any program wishing to apply for DTSE approval should use the newly published DE-1 Fall 2010 form. Two significant changes will occur as a result of the DE-1 Fall 2010 form.

  • The new form no longer requires programs seeking approval to submit detailed auto insurance information.  Replacing the detailed auto insurance section (V) is an affirmation that the program will assure “all vehicles be properly insured, inspected, and labeled according to Section VII, 1-6 of the 2010 DTSE Guidelines”.  Programs will no longer be required to amend their detailed auto insurance information annually as a result of this change.  For programs registered under the old form they will still be required to amend (DE-1A) their detailed insurance information the first time. This is indicated in a program’s “Course Approval Notification & Check List” (CAN) letter.  Once a DTSE program amends their detailed insurance information (the first time) they will be issued a new CAN letter along with notice detailing that their program’s insurance information will be transitioned to the affirmation/assurance format mentioned above.
  • Programs that contract with a commercial driving school to supplement your program’s behind-the-wheel training will no longer be required to submit the commercial driving school’s license information to conduct business in New York (section VIII).  In place of section VIII your program must submit the name of the commercial driving school, and the start and end dates of your contracted service with the commercial driving school.  A copy of your program’s fully executed contract (no bids) must accompany your application. For a list of commercial driving school contract required components please go to:


              We are looking forward to the up and coming school year. Should you have any questions regarding your program’s approval, or how the DE-1 Fall 2010 form may affect your program, please direct them to emscdrved@mail.nysed.gov or call 518-486-1547.

Last Updated: August 18, 2010