Career & Technical Education

Nutrition, Health and Fitness

Course Overview (PDF , 149KB) | Course Outline (PDF, 161KB)

Students will:

  • assess personal fitness and eating habits

  • explain the risks associated with special diets

  • explain the effect of gender on physical performance

  • design a personal plan for lifetime fitness

  • estimate the energy requirements of various athletic sports

  • differentiate between safe and unsafe nutritional practices related to various athletic sports

  • explain the importance of complex carbohydrates in the diet

  • differentiate between healthy and unhealthy levels of fact in a diet

  • explain the importance of protein in the human diet throughout the life cycle

  • explain the effects of excesses and deficiencies in vitamin intake

  • analyze sample diets for adequate mineral content

  • weigh personal career opportunities in relation to a career in nutrition.

Last Updated: March 25, 2009