Career & Technical Education

Scenario Assesement

Scenario assessments provide students with situations that fit into the State Learning Standards. In each scenario students are required to apply knowledge and skills to solve problems or create products. Each scenario is accompanied by a scoring guide which assists teachers in rating their students responses to the questions related to the scenario.

The goal of the Family and Consumer Sciences scenario project for Home and Career Skills was to develop a relevant real-life assessment of the core curriculum that was both reliable and valid.  This report traces the development of the original scenarios and offers a glimpse into the rigorous process required by this project. This information is also available in PDF ( PDF ,1266KB).

Scenario Assessments:

All Scenarios and Scoring Guides are offered as MS Word Documents.

Project Box

We Can Do It

The Jeans that Failed Me

Ben's Growing Business

Energy Conservation

Shared Space

BMI in Our School

Big City Pet Care

Money Management

Helping Neighbors

Last Updated: March 14, 2011