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New York State Nurse Aide Testing and Scheduling Overview

In an effort to improve the New York State Nurse Aide testing process and comply with new regulations, several program changes took effect on November 1, 2008.

Overview of Pre-Registration Process to Assign Unique Candidate Identifier

Pre-registration changes were made in response to new requirements by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), as well as federal regulations, requiring the removal of Social Security numbers as unique identifiers in order to protect confidential candidate information.

As an alternative to using Social Security numbers to identify candidates who register to take an exam, Prometric is now assigning a unique identifier to each candidate. To do this, Prometric initiated a new pre-registration process. Through pre-registration, Prometric’s data management system assigns a unique identifier, often called a Prometric ID, to each first-time tester. This number, which follows the candidate throughout the entire testing process, protects a candidate’s sensitive information while still allowing the candidate to be tracked on attendance rosters, admission tickets and score reports. The candidate uses the identifier when completing the exam answer sheet and, if needed, when submitting a retest application.

In-Facility Testing

The Request for In-Facility Testing form is located on Prometric’sexternal link Web site. The form should be faxed to Prometric at 1-800-813-6670. Once an NAE has been secured for the test date, an electronic fax confirmation or email will be sent confirming the test date to the contact person listed in our database.

Testing fees are nontransferable and nonrefundable. Training programs can remove candidates from their rosters up to five business days before the scheduled test event. Testing fees for removed candidates will be held in reserve for a future testing date. Training programs cannot transfer fees or seats from one candidate to another. Any change made to the roster less than five business days before the test date will result in a No Show status for the candidate and the candidate’s fees will be forfeited.



Last Updated: March 18, 2014