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Home Health Assisting

Program Approval Process

Secondary and Adult educational programs that prepare students to work as Home Health Aides in New York State and that are operated by public schools and BOCES must be approved by the Education Department. Home Health Aides are considered “certified” in New York State by virtue of their successful completion of all requirements of a state-approved program. Program approval periods may be up to three years in length.

The Guide to Home Health Aide Services (contains all of the information necessary to submit an application for approval of a school-based Home Health Aide program. This guide will assist schools to plan, organize and provide programs for home health aides; facilitate the approval/re-approval process and differentiate varied levels of home health care. The Guide is available in PDF.(PDF, 231 KB)

Home Health Aide Curriculum

In response to mandated Home Health Aide content implemented by the New York State Department of Health in 2006, the State Education Department convened a group of health occupations educators to do a crosswalk between this new content and the state-developed Home Health Aide curriculum.

Two supplements were developed as required addenda to the New York State Home Health Aide Curriculum and the combined Nurse’s Assistant/Home Health Aide Curriculum. These are designed to be inserted into the current curriculum documents.

  • Pages marked with page numbers followed by “A” should be inserted into the Home Health Aide Curriculum.
  • Pages marked with page numbers followed by a “B” should be inserted into the Nurse’s Assistant/Home Health Aide Curriculum.
  • Please note that there have been no changes in the instructional hours requirements for health occupations education programs.

The Nurse's Assistant/Home Health Aide Curriculum is no longer updated, but is available in the PDF files below.

Home Health Aide Supplement(12/06) (PDF, 133KB)

Nurse’s Assistant/ Home Health Supplement(12/06) (PDF, 128 KB)

Nurse's Assistant / Home Health Aide Curriculum ((PDF 7.1 MB)

Last Updated: April 11, 2014