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Questions and Answers Regarding Pre-Registration

  1. Why is Prometric changing the scheduling and candidate registration processes for the Nurse Aide Testing Program?

    Pre-registration guidelines are being implemented in order to meet new accounting requirements imposed upon the Department of Health (DOH) by the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) as well as to comply with state and federal regulations requiring the removal of Social Security numbers as unique identifiers.

  2. When were the Pre-Registration changes effective?

    Pre-registration changes were effective November 1, 2008.

  3. When are facilities notified of confirmed testing events?

    Notification of a confirmed scheduled testing event is sent to the test site as soon as an evaluator has accepted the test date, no later than two business days before the requested test date. Notifications are sent to the test sites when a test date has been cancelled, no later than two business days from the requested test date.

  4. Can I send my applications in before the training program is complete?

    Yes, applications can be sent in before the candidates have completed the minimum number of classroom and clinical hours required by DOH. As long as the applications are received by Prometric 10 business days before the confirmed/requested test date, the applications will be processed and the candidates will be scheduled for that confirmed test date.

  5. I did not get my new manual or the new handbooks that include these changes. Where can I get them?

    Manuals and handbooks were sent out to every nurse aide training program and nurse aide employer prior to November 1, 2008. If you did not receive your booklets please call customer service at 1.800.805.9128 to request copies. We may need to update your mailing address and contact information in our database so please be prepared to provide our representative with all of the current mailing information. The handbook and manual are also available online at www.prometric.com/nurseaide/nyexternal link.

  6. I used to be able to fax my requests to test. Can I still do that and where can I fax them?

    Requests for In-Facility test dates can be faxed to 1.800.813.6670, attn: Test Administration Group.

  7. When can training programs change their rosters?

    Training programs can remove candidates from their rosters no later than five business days before the scheduled test event. Testing fees for removed candidates will be held in reserve for a future testing date. Training programs cannot swap fees or seats with a candidate that has already been scheduled to test. Testing fees are nontransferable.

  8. Will refunds be issued to programs for candidates that fail out of the course or drop out before the test day?

    Prometric has a nonrefundable and nontransferable fee policy. This policy is stated in the candidate handbook and the employer/training program manual. Please do not mail applications and fees to Prometric for candidates who have not met the minimum requirements for eligibility to test.

  9. Can funds be transferred between candidates? For example; candidate A is scheduled to test for training program ABC, but decides to drop out five business days from the testing event. Training program ABC has candidate B that is ready to test in candidate A’s place, could the fees submitted for candidate A be applied to candidate B?

    No, candidate fees are nontransferable and nonrefundable. The fee that was applied to a cancelled candidate will belong to that candidate for up to 24 months.

  10. How far in advance can a testing event be scheduled?

    Testing dates can and should be sent far enough in advance so that Prometric can secure an NAE for the test date; however, we must receive your In-Facility test date request at least 10 business days before the requested test date. Actual candidate applications and associated fees are NOT required to schedule a test date; they can be submitted at a later date but still at least 10 days before the requested test date.

  11. Do applications and fees have to be submitted with the requests to schedule an exam?

    No, applications and fees do not have to be submitted with the initial request for a test date. Completed applications and payment must be received by Prometric 10 business days before the scheduled test date. The request to schedule an In-Facility exam may be faxed to Prometric at 1-800-813-6670 before the applications are submitted in order to secure an NAE for the test date.

  12. My program used to submit purchase orders/vouchers along with the test applications. Can we still do that?

    Yes, purchase orders/vouchers can still be submitted with the applications for candidates; however, the purchase order/voucher total must equal the required fees for the applicants submitted for scheduling. Programs must also indicate the name of each candidate that is covered by the voucher/purchase order. Prometric will no longer be able to accept payment vouchers/purchase orders for an entire month or year worth of testing.

  13. What is the Prometric or unique ID?

    With the removal of SSNs from all systems and processes, Prometric created another way to uniquely identify candidates in our system. Our candidate data management system assigns a unique identifier, often called the Prometric ID, to each first-time tester. The ID number follows the candidate throughout the testing process. It is needed when filling out the answer sheet and submitting a retest application. This ID can be found on the admission ticket and score report.

  14. How do candidates retest if they fail one or both parts of the exam?

    Other than the change in timeline to 10 business days, the retesting process is unchanged going forward. If a retest candidate wants to retest at an In-Facility test site, the candidate must contact the facility and notify them that they need to retest. The facility must submit a request for an IFT test date. The candidate needs to submit the re-test letter and fee to Prometric at least 10 business days before the requested testing date. Once Prometric receives that letter and fee, Prometric can easily schedule that candidate to test for the portion(s) of the exam that were failed. Retest applicants DO NOT need to complete a new application when applying to retest. Candidates may also retest at regional locations if they desire.

  15. Is the DOH aware that these changes were made?

    Yes, the changes to the program have been made in response to new accounting requirements and the state’s directive to remove SSNs from all system and processes associated with the program. Any changes made to NYNA program have to be approved by the DOH before they can be implemented.

  16. If I have a questions about my test date, who do I contact?

    You can contact customer service by calling 1.800.805.9128.

  17. Can I email my requests to test into Prometric?

    No, you may fax or mail in your request but e-mail is not accepted.

  18. When can my applications and fees be sent in?

    Applications and fees MUST be sent to Prometric and received at least 10 business days from the confirmed test date.

  19. I used to send bulk payments for the entire year to cover the number of candidates I was going to test. Can I still do that?

    No. A single check for a group of candidates testing on the same day is acceptable. Each payment sent to Prometric must equal the fees required for the candidate applications that are sent to Prometric. Payments can no longer cover an entire month’s or year’s worth of testing.

  20. Are requested In-Facility test dates guaranteed?

    No. Requested test dates have never been guaranteed although Prometric makes every attempt to accommodate facility requests. Barring an extremely rare emergency situation, confirmed test events will take place provided that all applications and fees are received at Prometric at least 10 business days before the test date.

  21. With these changes, will someone from Prometric be available to discuss them in detail and is Prometric contacting training programs?

    Prometric representatives have been contacting training programs and nurse aide employers since November 1st and will continue to do so when necessary. However, if you still have questions about the process that have not been answered here, please send them to NYCNA@prometric.com.

  22. Can my students still work while waiting to take the examination?

    This is up to the discretion of the employer. Federal regulations allow students/ candidates to work as a nurse aide trainee for up to 120 days from the start of the training program date.

  23. Do I need to indicate the name of each student on the check being submitted?

    If there is a single check, purchase order or voucher that is being submitted for multiple candidates, the check MUST have the name of each candidate that is connected to that payment.

  24. What is the procedure for students who wish to be a volunteer the day of testing?

    Students who wish to be a volunteer on the day of testing are now only required to have completed testing. Candidates are no longer required to pass the clinical exam before becoming a volunteer.

Last Updated: May 15, 2009