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New York State Non-facility Based Nurse Aide Training Programs Questions & Answers from Prometric

  1. What are the credentials of the individuals who wrote the questions on the exam?

    The individuals who helped create the new test questions were RNs, LPNs and CNAs from New York. They were selected by the DOH and included individuals recommended by the SED.

  2. When the new exam was created, was the reading grade level changed?

    No, the reading level did not change. It remains at a 4th to 6th grade level

  3. Did the content of the test change when the new exam was created?

    The content did not change significantly. Since the content of the exam is derived from the New York State curriculum, minor modifications were made to include new topics covered by the updated curriculum that took effect earlier in 2006.

  4. What relevance do the strong/weak categories have on a candidate and do they determine whether or not a candidate passes or fails?

    Weak/Good/Strong categories are for diagnostic purposes only; the information is intended to be used to help a candidate who intends to retake the examination focus their studies in order to be better prepared. The categories are not used to determine whether or not a candidate passes or fails the exam. The pass/fail determination is based on the candidates overall score. 

  5. How can we prevent the untimely and incorrect posting of candidates test scores?

    The majority of candidate test scores are posted quickly and accurately, but errors can and do occur when the required forms are submitted incomplete or are difficult to read. It is very important for candidates to clearly, legibly and accurately complete all required applications and form. If the forms are not complete or they are illegible there could be a delay in the correct and timely posting of the candidates score. 

    NOTE: Prometric hopes to modify our processes in the next several months to utilize a scan-able "bubble sheet" application in order to further reduce the number or processing errors.  

  6. Because Prometric was sold to another company, will there be any major internal changes or modifications to the program?

    No, Prometric Inc. is a wholly owned for profit subsidiary of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and it will continue to operate independently going forward. There is no need to modify any of the current program operational structure and the experienced New York Nurse Aide team at Prometric will continue to work with all the BOCES programs to test your candidates.  

  7. Was there a new practice exam created when the new exam was created?

    No. There is no need for a new practice exam. The purpose of the practice exam is to familiarize the candidate with the form and style of the questions that will be on the test. The practice exam should not be used to gauge a candidate's ability to pass the competency exam.

  8. Do candidates or facilities have a choice in the order the CNA Exam is administered?

    No, the current format allows for a better flow of the exam from start to finish, it assures that all candidates will be tested on both parts of the exams in one day and it lets the candidates leave the test site once they are done with the clinical part.

  9. What is Prometric's accountability to volunteers (who have taken off of work for candidates) when a proctor does not show for an exam?

    Unfortunately, sometimes there are rare unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances that arise resulting in a late cancellation of a test date. We recognize that this is inconvenient for the training programs, the candidates and their volunteers; however Prometric does not have any special accountability to volunteers who have taken the day off to help a candidate. We do try and work with each test site to reschedule the exam as quickly and as soon as possible.

  10. What is the best way to contact Prometric? How can I verify if a fax was received?

    The best way to contact Prometric is to call our customer service line(s) 1-800-805-9128 or 1-800-321-6443. You will never be sent to a voice mail box during normal business hours; a live person will always answer the phone. You may experience a longer wait time during peak season but normal wait time is around 2 minutes.  The call center cannot and will not confirm fax receipts, although they can pass along to the intended recipient in our scheduling department that a fax has or is coming through.

  11. Are there CNA Instructor seminars to assure conformity of skills?

    Prometric does not hold seminars for CNA instructors. CNA instructors are required to utilize the state approved curriculum to teach their students and there are often several acceptable variations in the performance of the clinical skills. The skills checkpoints utilized by Prometric's NAEs are not specific procedures; they are objective observation points that allow the NAEs to confirm that a candidate competently performed the skill without specifying exactly the steps to be taken. We do, however, hold annual training workshops for our NAEs to ensure conformity in the evaluation process.

  12. Who should be contacted when a candidate receives a score report that is contradictory to the preliminary score report they received by the NAE on the exam date? Why does this happen? What steps have to be followed for resolution?

    You should call our customer service lines 800-805-9128 or 800-321-6443. When you speak to one of our customer service representatives, they will escalate the issue to our operations team who will investigate the case; it is unlikely that you will receive an immediate answer over the phone. Please note that the preliminary score report given at the test site is not an official result and infrequently an addition error by the NAE results in a false pass or fail score.

  13. Can the NAE advise the instructors to the specific areas where the candidates failed the skill?

    No, the NAE is not permitted to give advice to the instructor with specific information about a candidate's performance. The candidate's preliminary score report includes an indication of the checkpoints missed by the candidates that can be used by the instructor to assist the candidate in preparation for re-testing.

  14. Why would an NAE move the equipment in a room?

    The testing room should resemble a resident's room. The NAE is instructed to walk through the testing room before the test begins to make sure that there are no distracters for the candidates who are going to take the test. If anything is not in a standard setting, the NAE needs to know why before the exam begins and may require rearrangement of the spaces. If a piece of equipment does not belong in the test setting the NAE is instructed to move the equipment.

  15. What are your procedures for IEP candidates? What should be done to make the process smoother?

    We require 30 days notice before we schedule an IEP candidate and we must receive acceptable documentation such as a letter from a healthcare professional, the signoff page of the IEP that lists accommodations, or a letter on the facility letter head stating recommended accommodations from the IEP. If we receive only a letter from the facility, it must include the following statement: The (Facility/Program name) asserts that the IEP for (the candidate name) has been reviewed and that the information submitted with this request is accurate. Prometric shall not have any responsibility for evaluating the IEP or confirming the information submitted in connection with the request.

  16. Does the NAE deduct points on a candidate if there are side rails?

    NO, the NAE will not deduct points on a candidate if there are side rails. Side rails are invisible to the NAE.

  17. Can a program get statistics on the number of candidates who took the CNA Exam, the number who passed, the number who passed the clinical exam, and the number of candidates who passed the test the first time in the entire state?

    Currently we provide these statistics to the DOH on a monthly and quarterly basis. The reports are also shared with the SED. Please contact Joanne O'Brien for this type of information.

  18. May we ask to not examine a certain skill? Why are waist restraints on the exam?

    No, you cannot ask to not examine a certain skill. All current skills that are listed in the New York State Curriculum can be tested. The waist restraint skill is being re-evaluated by the DOH and there may be changes in the future. However, currently the waist restraint skill still continues to be tested.

  19. Can a rescore be requested at no cost for programs that see a dramatic drop in pass rates at no additional costs?

    No, rescorers are done by hand and can be provided for a fee of $25.00 for each rescore. If the rescoring process finds errors, Prometric will refund the rescoring fee. Prometric is confident that our scores are accurately scoring the test forms. Also, all questions in use on New York exams today were pre-tested prior to utilization as a scored item; the statistics on each question remain well within acceptable psychometric standards. Please note that there are a significant number of programs in the state, including BOCES programs that have not experienced a dramatic drop in pass rates at all.

  20. When will there be an updated version of the New York State Nursing Home Nurse Aide Certification Program Manual?

    Prometric is currently updating the NYNHNACP Manual and as soon as it has been completed one will be made available to each program/facility.

Last Updated: May 15, 2009