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2014-15 application materials for reference only


Getting Started on the 2014-15 Perkins application

  1. Open the application by clicking on the link below. Save the application to your computer in order to complete the form fields.
  2. To navigate from section to section, the navigation panel on the right is the quickest method--just click on the section title to move to that page.
  3. To follow links, remember to use “ctrl” + click.
  4. To move from one data entry point to the next in the tables, use the “tab” or arrow keys.
  5. Auto-calculation fields: Some fields will calculate totals. Fields appearing with a “0” rely on earlier data entry and will not accept direct data entry.
  6. Other reminders are found in brackets [like this].
  7. Required electronic submission: Fields in some of the forms will update our database. Only submissions of the Word version of application can be accepted (we are unable to use the PDF format).

    Perkins Secondary Application 2014-15 (992 KB MS Word Document )

    Secondary Allocations

    Report Cards for the 2014-15 application ( 1.76 MB  pdf icon )

    Perkins Application Q & A


4/24/14 Update on electronic submission

The consortium fund use agreement should be completed in hard copy format only. Since these forms require an original signature, they should be sent with the hard copy application only.

Consortium Fund Use Agreement (35 MS Word Document KB )


This form should be sent in two formats

  1. hard copy with an original signature
  2. Excel file, use your school name when naming your file for submission.


Adult Programs in Secondary Agencies
Adult Placement Report (CTEDS 2A) due March 31, 2014


Final Report
2012-13 Final Report Form for secondary programs: due September 30, 2013



Technical issue with the application form field for code 90, indirect costs.



Perkins programs for incarcerated youth allocation formula runs are pending. Application will be posted once available.



Changes in the upcoming 2014-15 Perkins IV Applications (One-year extension)

  • Limits on the number of major efforts: In 2013-14 programs could either fund one new major effort, or complete efforts already begun. Following this guideline is still strongly encouraged for 2014-15. In 2014-15 the number of major efforts will be determined by grant amount.
Grant amount
Number of efforts permitted
$151,000 and above

Major efforts should focus on improving performance in indicators not meeting state targets.

  • Electronic submission required: New Perkins forms will allow us to collect data directly from the Word format applications. PDF format will not be accepted this year. One application must be e-mailed and one application (with original signatures).
  • First-time Applicants: First-time applicants will not be eligible to apply for 2014-15 Perkins funds. Only previously funded entities are eligible this year. Questions can be directed to: Deb Reiter, 518.486.1547


2013-14 application materials for reference only


Perkins 2013-14 One-year Extension Application(MS Word Document679 KB )

2013-14 Allocations

Report Cards for 2013-14 Application Completion ( PDF document 1.2MB)



2013-14 Perkins One-Year Extension Application for Adult Programs in Secondary Agencies


2012-13 application materials for reference only


Perkins Application for the 2012-13 Program Year (MS Word Document 692 KB)

Perkins Allocations

Perkins Report Cards for the 2012-13 Application

Perkins 2012-13 Application Q and A

Perkins Continuation Application for Incarcerated Youth Programs (MS Word Document 232 KB)

Perkins Continuation Application for Adult Programs in Secondary Agencies (MS Word Document 475 KB)



2011-12 application materials for reference only

Final Report Forms for 2011-12 Program year

Perkins Grant Application for 2011-12

Perkins Report Cards for 2011-12

Perkins 2011-12 Application Q and A

Perkins 2011-12 Allocations

Final narrative report 2010-11


2009-10 application materials for reference only

Perkins Report Cards: 2009-10 Application


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