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Perkins Title I 2009-10 Grant Application Questions & Answers


  1. We use [our school] report card data when completing the Plan for Program Improvement section of the Perkins application.  Is the report card data that is currently provided for Program Year 2007-2008 or for Program Year 2006-2007?  In the past, the Report Card data used for completing the Perkins application was generally two years behind.

The school report card data is currently derived from the SIRS reporting for all indicators except 5S1, which is drawn from CTEDS.  Data from program year 2007-08 was used for the 2009-10 application.

  1. Page 15 of the grant [application] asks to indicate any changes to the five-year plan  that are required as a result of the 2009-10 recommendations of the Local  Advisory Committee in the 9 mandated areas. If changes were made to only 1 of the 9 areas, am I to address the changes made to only that 1 area? And if there were no changes, am I to assume that I do not have to submit any changes to Form B?

You are correct, any changes related to one or more of the mandated activities should be documented. If no changes are in order please indicate that also in the application.

  1. This year our district would like to use the Perkins funds to purchase two fairly expensive pieces of equipment and the supplies required for that equipment, such as a 3 dimensional rapid prototype printer and a 3 dimensional scanner. These would greatly enhance our Pre-Engineering Program and we have brained stormed areas in FACS and Business where we could use these as well. What is the likelihood that a request such as this would be funded?

As a general rule Perkins Improvement Act funds used for equipment are limited to 25% of the annual budget. This figure is subject to reduction based on poor performance in specific areas. In cases where indicator performance levels are not met, Perkins funds must be applied to improve achievement in these indicators.

  1. The [Perkins] legislation language about expenditures is clear about spending to benefit only one member [of a consortium]. I told them we could no longer purchase anything for use of only one district. Is this correct?

That is correct.

  1. How do I appeal the New York State target for non-trads?  We will never meet this goal.

SED has requested that the federal Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) lower New York State’s target levels for this indicator.  Further details will be available upon the completion of performance level negotiations with OVAE.

  1. May a district use its allocation to pay the salary of a dedicated CTE Coordinator? If so, is there a cap (either dollars or percentage)?

The use of Perkins funding for full time positions is not recommended. Yearly fluctuations in available funding levels would create an unstable situation.  This position may be considered administrative. Administration is capped at 5% of the overall budget.

  1. May a district use Perkins funds to pay for a salaried position that is split between classroom instruction and CTE Coordinator?

Yes, see answer to question six.

  1. May a district count professional development, supply, and equipment costs toward the required 15% for SINI schools?

Yes, this requirement is intended to ensure that additional funds are made available for SINI schools. All allowable expenditures should be detailed in the dedicated Major Effort identified for the SINI.

  1. Will first-time applicants be expected to meet the performance levels detailed on page 59-60, based on information provided in Attachment A?

The performance levels presented on pages 59-60 provide the approximate levels that are expected of returning applicants.  Data submitted will establish a baseline for first-time applicants. Complete and accurate reporting is critical in the baseline year in order to establish true performance levels for subsequent funding years.

  1. Is a first-time applicant required to complete a plan for program improvement if the performance level targets are not met?

No, 2009-10 first-time applicants will be required to complete a Plan for Program Improvement in the 2010-11 application.

Last Updated: March 16, 2011