Career & Technical Education

Perkins Title I 2012-13 Grant Application Questions & Answers


  1. May a district use Perkins CTE funds to re-hire CTE instructional staff, in whole or in part, that will be laid off as of July 1, 2012 due to budget constraints?

    If the position was previously funded through other sources this would be considered supplanting and prohibited. If the position was funded previously in whole or in part through Perkins funds and directly relates to the Major Effort (either continuing or new for this period) the position may be included in the budget at the same level as previously listed. Because this is the last year of the Perkins authorization no new positions should be included in the budget for 2012-13 pending re-authorization. Note that 2012-13 funding levels have been reduced with more reductions anticipated due to federal budget resolutions. This could result in mid-year reductions if warranted.


  3. In Section V: Allowable Expenditures and Budget Details, under the header titled “SINI/PLA/SURR” the application states that “All individual (i.e., not consortium) eligible agencies with Persistently Lowest-Achieving schools (PLA) status are required to use at least 15 percent of their secondary allocation for the provision of activities which address the needs of CTE students in those schools. This requirement is to increase the share of the eligible agency’s Perkins allocation that is used PLA buildings. A separate major effort describing the use of these funds in the PLA buildings must be provided.” The header indicates multiple accountability classifications but the text refers only to Persistently Lowest-Achieving Schools. Does this requirement apply to Schools in Need of Improvement (SINI) or only to PLA buildings?

    The new requirement applies to the PLA buildings. "Persistently Lowest Achieving” schools must receive priority when planning program improvement activities.


  4. If a district elects to pursue a one new Major Effort, must that new effort include activities that will address a participating SINI building or must there be a second Major Effort to address the needs of students from the SINI building?
  5. The one new major effort must include the PLA building or be solely dedicated to the PLA building. Only one new major effort is allowed for the 2012-13 program year, which is the final year of the Perkins IV authorization.

Last Updated: May 16, 2012