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Perkins Q & A

  1. The Perkins application directs us to use the FS20 from the Grants Office web site, but the link to that form is not active and a note indicates that the FS20 is no longer in use.

We have contacted the Grants Office about this and will post more information when it becomes available.

  1. According to the chart, our allocation amount falls within the range that permits three major efforts. If we choose to “fund new” vs. “complete” those already begun, are we limited to one new major effort?

Yes. You are limited to funding one new major effort.

  1. What detail is required in the Local the “Plan Form K Update: Linking Programs to Postsecondary CTE” if we have checked the first box, “New York State Approved Program?”

List three of your currently approved programs.


  1. The fields for indirect costs on the Code 90 worksheet will not accept a number with a decimal...is there a fix for this?

Yes, If you have not loaded your information to the application form yet, an updated application was posted 5/29/14 with these fields corrected. If your application has been entered in the form with this issue, we can fix this formatting error with you over the phone. Call Deb Reiter at 518-486-1547.


Last Updated: May 29, 2014