Career & Technical Education

Staffing Profile and Student Enrollment Forms

Public school districts and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) that are scheduled for an onsite civil rights compliance review must provide current information on staff and student enrollment. There are three Enrollment Forms (MS Word, 125KB) forms used to collect this data, which will be analyzed for use in identifying potential civil rights issues.


I.          Administration and Career and Technical Education (CTE) Staffing Profile

This form should be completed by title only for administrators and CTE staff by title only. Include all central administrators and building-level administrators, chairpersons and teachers of CTE programs, including family and consumer sciences, business education, and technology education in grades 9-12.

II.          School level paraprofessionals/ Support Staff Profile

This form should report the total number of staff, whether or not they are assigned to CTE programs.

III.         CTE Course (Student) Enrollment Profile

This form requires the reporting of class section level enrollment for each CTE course including family and consumer sciences, business education, technology education, and Career and Financial Management in grades 9-12 for each school or BOCES offering the course.

Duplicate as many copies as needed to list all classes of all programs/courses for all schools or CTE education centers or BOCES.

Each course/program title should be listed and each class/section identified as follows:

  • Digital media arts I AM  fall
  • Digital media arts I PM  fall
  • Digital media arts II AM  fall
  • Digital media arts II PM  fall
  • Digital media arts II AM  spring
  • Digital media arts II PM  spring

After all courses have been identified and listed by class/section, report the enrollment, distributions by gender and racial/ethnic classification. limited English proficiency (LEP) and disabled students.

Note: The following are program areas which contain courses that should be included for all civil rights reviews:

  • Business/Information systems
  • Natural and Agricultural Sciences
  • Human and Public services
  • Engineering/Technologies
  • Health services
  • Arts/Humanities
Last Updated: March 16, 2011