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April 9, 2007


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Jean C. Stevens






The Career and Technical Education Data Reporting System


††††††††† As in prior years, the Career and Technical Education Data System (CTEDS) report must be submitted to the State Education Department in April. This yearís reporting deadline is April 27, 2007.There is, however, a significant change in reporting for the 2006-2007 school year.This year, districts are also required to report CTE data on the Student Information Repository System. (SIRS).

††††††††† The data must be reported through both systems since SED is transitioning from a paper reporting method to an electronic one. We must collect the data in two formats in order to ensure consistency in the data reported through these two formats. Until we can verify consistency, we will have to continue both paper and electronic collection modes. You can speed thetransition to electronic reporting by ensuring that the information in the paper report is consistent with that in the electronic report.

Once we can be assured the new system is capturing all needed data, we will be able to move completely from the CTEDS paper system to the more efficient electronic SIRS. The elimination of the CTEDS system is possible only when we are certain that the data collected through the repository system accurately replicate the data collected through CTEDs. After that time, CTEDs will be used only to collect data from the follow-up surveys of the CTE students who graduated.

††††††††† Over the past several years, the number of school districts reporting on career and technical education (CTE) students through CTEDS has declined significantly. It is imperative that we work together to enhance CTE data collection to better reflect the actual state of CTE programs and students.

††††††††† I am asking each of you to review the process by which CTE students are reported, and then complete both data reports this year.Please keep the following in mind:


       All school districts are required to report on all of their CTE students, not just those receiving Perkins funding. As we transition to the electronic reporting system, it is important to remember that tech prep students are to be reported in SIRS.

       As described in the CTEDS instructions, a CTE student is an individual enrolled at an accredited secondary school, seeking a high school diploma and enrolled in a CTE program.A CTE program is defined as organized educational activities that:

1.     Provide individuals with the academic and technical knowledge and skills they need to prepare for further education and for careers in current and emerging employment sectors; and

2.     Include competency-based applied learning that contributes to the academic knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, technical skills, and occupation-specific skills of an individual.

       Whether offered in high schools or BOCES, Business, Technology, Agriculture, Health Occupations, Trade and Technical, and Family and Consumer Sciences are all part of Career and Technical Education and should be reported as such.

       Federal Perkins legislation has raised the bar for accountability by incorporating the possible use of sanctions for states that do not meet performance standards.

The following is an overview of the changes in the reporting process and the CTEDS and SIRS protocols that must be followed:





School Year

High Schools

and Comprehensive

High Schools





Report all CTE students in home school (remember to include those taking Business, Technology Education, Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences)

Report all BOCES

CTE students




All of the above, plus all CTE students enrolled at BOCES (remember to include Tech Prep students)

BOCES do not complete SIRS data reports. All CTE reporting through the SIRS system is the responsibility of the studentís home school.


††††††††† If the data reported by the CTEDS matches that reported in the SIRS (also referred to as the data warehouse), next yearís reporting will rely on SIRS alone.This will change the role that BOCES plays in the reporting process. Once communication links for data sharing between BOCES and the school districts are established, a more efficient data collection system will have been achieved through SIRS. Therefore, it is critical to establish this communication and data sharing link between BOCES and component school districts during this transition year.

††††††††† Your diligence in reporting will not only help us meet federal accountability requirements, but will ensure that accurate and complete data is used to establish appropriate statewide CTE policy.

More information on CTE data can be found at:


If you have further questions regarding the CTEDS report or the necessary reporting requirements, please feel free to contact the CTE office at 518-486-1547 or .




††††††††† Thank you for your attention to this important initiative.