Career & Technical Education

Memo to the Field

August 13, 2003

TO: Directors of Career and Technical Education
FROM: Jean C. Stevens, Assistant Commissioner
SUBJECT: Design and Drawing for Production

Since 1990, Design and Drawing for Production (DDP) has been an approved course to meet the one unit of art/music requirement for graduation for all students, in addition to approved art education courses. In spring, 2000 the DDP syllabus was aligned with Standard 5 of the Mathematics, Science and Technology Learning Standards and the Visual Arts Learning Standards. This alignment allowed continued use of DDP and the policy that only technology education and art education teachers could deliver DDP instruction to fulfill the required unit of art/music credit.

In the past, some school districts have used the DDP course within a trade and technical program to satisfy the art/music credit; however, now this practice must be discontinued. To assist schools in transitioning away from this practice, districts that have scheduled DDP for art credit within a trade and technical program for the next school year will be allowed to continue for school year 2003-04 only. Only trade and technical programs in drafting, graphics, visual communications and printing, taught by certified trade and technical education teachers, will be permitted to award art/music diploma credit during this school year.

Effective September 2004, teachers certified in art education or technology education must teach instruction in DDP used to meet the art/music credit. It may be used as part of the technology education curriculum or as part of the art education curriculum. To fulfill this requirement, the course of study must use the State developed DDP syllabus in its entirety.

For additional information regarding this issue, please reference the addendum to the syllabus.
Last Updated: March 17, 2011