Career & Technical Education

Computer Technology

Key idea: Computers, as tools for design, modeling, information processing, communication, and system control, have greatly increased human productivity and knowledge.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • identify and describe the function of the major components of a computer system
  • use the computer as a tool for generating and drawing ideas
  • control computerized devices and systems through programming
  • model and simulate the design of a complex environment by giving direct commands


Students will:

  • assemble a computer system including keyboard, central processing unit and disc drives, mouse, modem, printer, and monitor
  • use a computer system to connect to and access needed information from various Internet sites
  • use computer hardware and software to draw and dimension prototypical designs
  • use a computer as a modeling tool
  • use a computer system to monitor and control external events and/or systems


Students will:

  • understand basic computer architecture and describe the function of computer subsystems and peripheral devices
  • select a computer system that meets personal needs
  • attach a modem to a computer system and telephone line, set up and use communications software, connect to various online networks, including the Internet, and access needed information using email, telnet, gopher, ftp, and web searches
  • use computer-aided drawing and design (CADD) software to model realistic solutions to design problems
  • develop an understanding of computer programming and attain some facility in writing computer programs
Last Updated: March 17, 2011