Career & Technical Education

History & Evolution of Technology

Key idea: Technology has been the driving force in the evolution of society from an agricultural to an industrial to an information base.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • identify technological developments that have significantly accelerated human progress


Students will:

  • describe how the evolution of technology led to the shift in society from an agricultural base to an industrial base to an information base
  • understand the contributions of people of different genders, races, and ethnic groups to technological development
  • describe how new technologies have evolved as a result of combining existing technologies (e.g., photography combined optics and chemistry; the airplane combined kite and glider technology with a light-weight gasoline engine)


Students will:

  • explain how technological inventions and innovations have caused global growth and interdependence, stimulated economic competitiveness, created new jobs, and made other jobs obsolete
Last Updated: March 17, 2011