Career & Technical Education

Management of Technology

Key idea: Project management is essential to ensuring that technological endeavors are profitable and that products and systems are of high quality and built safely, on schedule, and within budget.

Performance Indicators


Students will:

  • participate in small group projects and in structured group tasks requiring planning, financing, production, quality control, and follow-up
  • speculate on and model possible technological solutions that can improve the safety and quality of the school or community environment


Students will:

  • manage time and financial resources in a technological project
  • provide examples of products that are well (and poorly) designed and made, describe their positive and negative attributes, and suggest measures that can be implemented to monitor quality during production
  • assume leadership responsibilities within a structured group activity


Students will:

  • develop and use computer-based scheduling and project tracking tools, such as flow charts and graphs
  • explain how statistical process control helps to assure high quality output
  • discuss the role technology has played in the operation of successful U.S. businesses and under what circumstance they are competitive with other countries
  • explain how technological inventions and innovations stimulate economic competitiveness and how, in order for an innovation to lead to commercial success, it must be translated into products and services with marketplace demand
  • describe new management techniques (e.g., computer-aided engineering, computer-integrated manufacturing, total quality management, just-in-time manufacturing), incorporate some of these in a technological endeavor, and explain how they have reduced the length of design-to-manufacture cycles, resulted in more flexible factories, and improved quality and customer satisfaction
  • help to manage a group engaged in planning, designing, implementation, and evaluation of a project to gain understanding of the management dynamics
Last Updated: March 17, 2011