Career & Technical Education

Work-Based Learning and CDOS

Registered or unregistered work-based learning experiences may be used to fulfill the work-based learning requirement for Option 1 for the CDOS Credential or Pathway for Graduation.  For experiences to count as hours towards Option 1, they must be supervised by appropriately certified school staff:

Type of Experience

Who Can Supervise?

CEIP or Co-op program

A certified Career and Technical Education Teacher who holds Extension 8982: Coordinator of Work-Based Learning for Career Development

GEWEP or WECEP Program

A certified teacher or school counselor who holds either Extension 8981: Coordinator of Work-Based Learning for Career Awareness or Coordinator of Work-Based Learning for Career Development

Unregistered experiences (job shadowing, school-based enterprise, community service, on-site projects, community-based work programs)

Any school staff.  It is, however, highly recommended, that supervising individuals hold either extension 8981 or 8982.

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Last Updated: February 19, 2020