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ACTION REQUIRED: Must be completed by December 31, 2020 and submitted by March 1, 2021

2020 Building Condition Survey and 2020 Visual Inspections

The 2020 Building Condition Survey (BCS) and 2020 Visual Inspection (VI) districts deadlines are looming. These surveys and inspections must be completed by 12/31/20 and submitted by 03/01/21.

Although NYSED has requested that the deadline (which is in law) be extended, an extension has not yet been provided.  In the absence of such response, we encourage all districts to prepare to complete their assigned BCSs and VIs timely. Districts assigned to the 2020 BCS grouping may lose the BCS reimbursement if there is no extension and the surveys are not completed according to the statutory timelines.

Please reference the website, Building Condition Survey and Visual Inspection:


    • 2020-2024 Building Condition Survey - Assignment List PDF Image Icon (115KB) (12/10/20)
    • 2020 and 2022 Visual Inspection - Assignment List PDF Image Icon (181 KB) (11/22/19)

Submittal of 2020 Building Condition Survey

  • Each BOCES and public school district that has been assigned to complete a Building Condition Survey for all normally occupied buildings in calendar year 2020, must submit the survey data electronically in the SED Monitoring and Vendor Performance System (SED Monitoring), which may be accessed at: http://portal.nysed.gov.
  • Designated personnel should log on to the NYSED Business Portal using their existing State Education Department Delegated Administrator Account System (SEDDAS) account and password. Once logged in, click on the link to the “SED Monitoring and Vendor Performance System,” then click on “Facilities,” then click “2020 Building Condition Survey.”
  • If you have questions or problems accessing the business portal or the SED Monitoring and Vendor Performance System, contact the SEDDAS helpdesk at SEDDAS@nysed.gov 
  • Additional information regarding the 2020 Building Condition Survey including BOCES/public school district assignments, instructions and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Office of Facilities Planning website.
  • Questions regarding the submission of the 2020 Building Condition Survey can be directed to the NYSED Office of Facilities Planning at (518) 474-3906 or emscfp@nysed.gov.

SED paperwork for electronic (Laserfiche) reviews (UPDATED 02-10-2021)

Our main office printer can no longer print properly, without a known timeframe to repair it in these troubled times.  For the benefit of the project managers working from home, please continue to submit SED paperwork electronically for their remote access. We are asking that architects/engineers also send us the SED paperwork forms (not Specs and Drawings) - after the prescreeners approve it and a review number is assigned - in paper format in the mail, since we can no longer print them. Sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Project Based Information Technology Services (01-28-2021)

Project Based Information Technology Services (PBITS #20-001) 

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is seeking proposals for providing technical assistance with the migration, cleansing and conversion of data from a legacy dBase system to a new Oracle database for the Office of Facilities Planning. The procurement is being made pursuant to the terms of an Office of General Services centralized contract (Award #22772). 

NYSED will award One (1) contract pursuant to this mini-bid. The contract(s) resulting from this RFP will be for a term anticipated to begin April 1, 2021 and to end March 31, 2022. 
Questions regarding the request must be submitted by email to pbits@nysed.gov no later than the close of business January 7, 2021. Questions regarding this request should be identified as Program, Fiscal or M/WBE. A Questions and Answers Summary will be posted below on or about January 11, 2020, to http://www.p12.nysed.gov/facplan/pbitsqa

Bidders are requested to submit their bids electronically to cau@nysed.gov. Please see the information in the documents below for instructions on submitting an electronic bid. All bids must be received by 5:00 pm Eastern Time on February 4, 2021 to be considered. 

Mini-Bid Documents 

       A. PBITS 20-001 Minibid word document



On Tuesday, November 17th the attached memo was distributed to school leaders:   Fire Drills Clarifications Memo

On Friday, December 4, 2020, a revised PUBLIC SCHOOL FIRE-SAFETY REPORTING FORM was published.

  • The revised form eliminates reporting of the monthly evacuation fire drills as described in the NYS Fire Code.  This reflects NYSED’s clarifying conversation with the NYS Department of State, which promulgates the fire code.   As a result of this conversation, monthly fire drills are no longer required. 
  • The deployment of the revised form occurred Friday morning.
  • If a district is working in its Facilities Planning Fire-Safety files in the Application Business Portal during the deployment, it will lose the current session and will have to begin that report again. 
  • If a report has been saved, to be continued later, the district will log into the portal to find the saved report and will notice that the second table (requesting monthly emergency evacuation drill info) has been removed and the remaining questions renumbered.

If you have any questions, or encounter any difficulties, our office is available to assist you as always.  Please send an e-mail to firesafety@nysed.gov


Guidance on State Aid for Lead-in-School-Drinking-Water testing Guidance on State Aid for Water Testing  (12-03-2020)

Department of Health Extended Lead Sample Period to June 30, 2021 (Extension of Lead Testing Requirements) PDF Image Icon (10-13-2020)

  • Due to COVID-19, school occupancy in buildings and water usage will likely be in flux. In recognition of these unusual circumstances, the Department of Health is extending the 2020 lead sampling period to June 30, 2021. This extension provides schools additional time to complete proper testing. Extension of aid for lead testing is in statute 6-h NYSEL 3602.
  • Please see this web page for updated information.


  • TO OUR CUSTOMERS: This emergency will significantly impact normal business activities and services provided by the New York State Education Department. Please expect delays in services, wait times, and responses. We appreciate your patience.
  • VISITORS: We are now accepting in-person delivery of submissions at the security entrance desk at Hawk Street; please contact the main office number at 518-474-3906 ahead of time to let us know when you are coming.  When you arrive, please ask security to call our main office number and staff will come down to retrieve the documents.  Please note, access to the interior of all State Education Department buildings will be restricted to visitors until further notice.  Building access will be limited to state employees who have official duties within the buildings.
  • Please visit the NYSED dedicated COVID-19 web page for guidance and resources. We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.                                                            


Please find REVISED guidance addressing the use of plastic Sneeze Guards in schools. Please review the revised guidance and work with district consultant of record to provide written evaluation and statement of code compliance for specific proposed products. Plastic Glazing for Sneeze Guards (Revised)



    • Starting March 19th, 2020 the Office of Facilities Planning will allow PDFs of SED paperwork (maximum 8-1/2x11 size) for final project submissions to be uploaded to the Dataflow Laserfiche electronic review system together with the drawings and specifications.
      • Please scan all SED paperwork as double-sided.  For a submission that includes multiple project numbers submitted as a single package, please create a separate PDF for each individual project number that contains the SED paperwork for that project.  Paperwork should be scanned and submitted in the order listed on the SED FP-CL Form for each project number.
    • Please send an email to emscfp@nysed.gov with the subject “SED Project #XX-XX-XX-XX-X-XXX-XXX Ready for Prescreening” (Please use full 15-digit SED Project Number).  The body of the email message should include all SED project numbers associated with the submission.  All SED project numbers are required so that we can pull the appropriate project folders for the paperwork.  We will download the SED final submission paperwork from the electronic system and perform prescreening of the project in accordance with current procedures.
    • Beginning on May 12, 2020, project submissions received by the Office of Facilities Planning must comply with the 2020 New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the State Energy Conservation Construction Code.  There will be no transition period.
    • We will now accept Paper format Final Project Submissions.
    • Beginning on May 12, 2020, project submissions received (postmarked) by the Office of Facilities Planning must comply with the 2020 New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and the State Energy Conservation Construction Code.  There will be no transition period.
    • Beginning July 6th, requests for Third-Party Review of paper project submissions may resume.
    • Requests for Third-Party Review of electronic (Laserfiche) project submissions will continue to be accepted.
    • All Third-Party Reviews will continue to be processed as expeditiously as possible.
    • If you have questions, please send an email to thirdpartyreview@nysed.gov.
    • Preliminary Submissions will now be accepted, hard copy only please.
  • CHANGE ORDERS (06-03-20)
    • Change Orders/Contingency Allowance Authorizations will now be accepted in hard copy.
  • FIRE SAFETY (06-03-20)
    • The Office of Facilities Planning will allow PDFs of the Fire Safety Report (FSR) and Certificate of Substantial Completion (CSC) (maximum 8-1/2x11 size) to be submitted for occupancy of new buildings and additions to existing buildings.  Please send PDFs of both forms to firesafety@nysed.gov
    • Certificates of Substantial Completion for reconstruction projects will now be accepted in hard copy or in the electronic (pdf) format.
    • Please send an email to emscfp@nysed.gov with the subject “Certificate of Substantial Completion for SED Project #XX-XX-XX-XX-X-XXX-XXX” (Please use full 15-digit SED Project Number)
    • Attach a fully completed PDF copy of the SED Certification of Substantial Completion Form to the email.


  • Please see this web page for an updated of SED project manager assignments by school district. Please use this list to find the SED project manager for your school district. (04/21/20)


  • The Office of Facilities Planning in conjunction with CiTi BOCES (the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation/Oswego BOCES) is pleased to continue to be able to offer the option of outsourcing of eligible capital project submissions to Third-Party Vendors through 2019.
  • Districts will continue to choose whether their projects will receive review by NYSED staff, or whether they wish to have their projects reviewed for an additional fee by Third-Party Vendors retained by CiTi BOCES.
  • Certain Energy Performance Contract (EPC) projects are now eligible for third-party review; these require a third party certification of the financial information.
  • More information about the third-party project review process and how to request a third-party review for your project submission.

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Our mission is to ensure safe, healthy, comfortable, and acceptable educational facilities which promote effective and efficient learning for all New York students regardless of where they live.

We will accomplish our mission by establishing clear expectations and standards for school facilities. We will work with parents, teachers, administrators, designers, facility directors, contractors and the community to set in motion mechanisms for school improvement statewide.

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