Office of Facilities Planning
Newsletter #51 – May 2004

School Facility Report Card

The School Facility Report Card has been released. Please visit our website at for the information

Change to the Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan:

We are deleting an item from the Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan. On Appendix A, the requirement to provide the "Rated Capacity" has been deleted. The latest form on our web-site has been altered to reflect this change.

Non-Conformances Form:

Public School Report of Observed Non-Conformances with Fire Code of New York State

We are providing this form as a method of cooperating with local code officials to provide them an opportunity to discuss areas of concern with school officials and with SED as the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The intent is to provide a platform for reporting observed non-conformances of the Fire Code of New York State to SED.

The non-conformances noted on this form must be annotated with the coordinating fire code citation. Photographs of the observed conditions can be attached or e-mailed with the form when it is forwarded to SED.

Decoration Reminder:

Prom season is once again upon us and we are receiving calls regarding the use of decorations in the areas where Prom functions are taking place. The Fire Code of New York State requires that decorations and trim, suspended from walls or ceilings, in educational occupancies be either non-combustible or flame retardant. If the materials are non-combustible, there is no limit as to the amount. Flame retardant materials are limited to 10% of the aggregate wall and ceiling area. In either use, exits, emergency lighting, and emergency egress are not to be obstructed. Lastly, for safety, materials of any type may not be suspended from any lighting fixture or fixtures.

Addendum Reminder:

The personnel in our office would appreciate you cooperation when sending addenda to Facilities Planning. As already reminded in Newsletter #s 2, 7, 8, and 15, please send your addenda directly to the Architect or Engineer here at SED who performed your review. DO NOT send it to the SED Project Manager. Sending Addenda to the Project Manager can cause a delay in the review of the addendum, therefore, causing a delay in your project approval. Last year we had a project delayed FIVE months. Do not fax addenda that are more than 5 pages. If faxed do not send a copy by mail.

We have been requesting everyone provide a list of what is changed with each addendum. In Newsletter #7 we provided a list of suggestions for improvement that would speed up addendum approvals. It seems worth repeating and is as follows:

1. Check addenda carefully before sending them. Be sure they are correct and complete.

2. Write the review number on the addendum with the project title.

3. Number all Addenda consistently and consecutively. Dual number and letter designations should only be used to designate different contracts.

4. On every addendum, list all previous addenda with the date each one was issued.

5. Indicate what is being changed. Highlight, circle or cloud the items changed or added on drawings.

6. Put addendum items in the order of the drawings and specification sections.

7. Use a drawing numbering convention that follows the existing drawing set so we know what drawings are altered or replaced.

8. Send addendum information specific to individual design packages separately. Please don't send two or more design packages for the school district in a single addendum.

9. The first page of the Addendum should be sealed and signed as well as any drawings and sketches.

Accessible lockers in Schools:

Recently we have noticed an increase in locker work within school projects. Often, when lockers are being specified and shown on the drawings, there has been a tendency to overlook accessibility for the physically impaired. The Building Code of NYS, section 1109.8.1, requires 5% of the total number of lockers to be accessible. Lockers would include both general use lockers and athletic lockers. The lockers should be located where they are readily accessible, that is – on an accessible route, installed within reach allowances, and have the appropriate hardware.

We would appreciate accessible lockers to be identified on the floor plans to help facilitate our review. Additionally, provide the number of lockers you are providing with the number that will be accessible. Please review your documents to ensure they include accessible lockers as part of your submission.

Face-to-Face Review Appointments:

The Face-to-Face review announcement is on our website at Scroll down and make your appointment if your project is qualified. Continue to check the announcement. We will be moving the limiting review number every few weeks. It is presently set at review number 03-1523.

It is imperative that the A/E firms assure that the documents submitted for face-to-face reviews are 100% bid ready. This process was intended to make the process quicker. Incomplete documents cause a double review and waste everyone’s time.

Please remember to e-mail a copy of your Code Compliance Checklist to Barbara at the time you are submitting your request.

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