Office of Facilities Planning
Newsletter Update #17 – July 2001


Get to Know Us Better:

Here's someone you really want to know if you ever need a Certificate of Occupancy for one of the school district's buildings--we would like to introduce you to Ann Slagen. Ann has worked for the State since 1974, specifically with SED since 1976, and has been in the Fire Safety Unit for thirteen long years. (Ann says she is only working here until she finds out what she wants to be when she grows up and right now she has only narrowed it down to what she doesn't want to be…).

Ann says she has three "full-time" children of her own and about 25 others who are her "part-time" kids. She loves children and this will be her third year of hosting a student from Germany (which, by the way, is where Ann was born). She also collects smiley face items and angels. Her favorite activities are camping, dancing, and providing companionship or assistance to people in need (such as the elderly or disabled).

As you may have guessed, she also has a wonderful sense of humor. When she was asked to provide a little information about herself for the newsletter, she started out by writing, "All I have IS a little information…" and ended her write up with, "Well, there you have it. All about me. 45 years summed up in 60 seconds or less." She is obviously a delightful person to have on our staff!

Five New Positions

Facilities Planning has received approval for hiring five new employees in the following positions. We are interested in applicants.

Two Senior Mechanical Engineers - Starting Salary $54,079

One Senior Architect - Starting Salary $54,079

One Assistant Architect - Starting Salary $43,814

One Code Compliance Specialist - Starting Salary $51,308

We are asking if those interested would still apply even if the deadline has expired. They should send an e-mail to Maureen Lavare at and she can forward them a copy of the announcement.

Boiler Room Doors:

The Department of Labor Division of Safety and Health has issued Facilities Planning a variance for the doors of boiler rooms. The variance allows all interior doors of boiler rooms to swing into the boiler room as opposed to into the corridors. This variance was requested on the assumption that in the event of a boiler system failure the doors swinging into the corridor presented a risk of injury to people in that corridor. Doors exiting a boiler room to the exterior are required to swing out, to the exterior.

This variance is applicable to all statewide public school facilities with the exception of New York City. For those who will need this information, the File No. is 6b-01, Case No. 1, IRC 14-6.8.

State Education Law 408-b Guidance:

A recent change in the State Education Law, effective March 19, 2001, amended Education Law by adding Section 408-b. This new section requires every public and nonpublic school statewide to submit copies of school building plans and specifications to their respective local fire and law enforcement officials. The purpose of submitting plans and specifications is to ensure that both fire and law enforcement agencies have quick and easy access through school buildings as necessary for fire or law enforcement purposes.

The plans and specifications noted in the law do not necessarily refer to construction documents. The following list items that should be provided in the plans. Local fire and law enforcement agencies may provide schools within their areas with additional guidance.

Consult with the fire and law enforcement agencies in your area to learn how they want to receive this information. The agencies may want digital, paper or both media.

In addition to the submission of plans, revised plans need to be submitted to fire and law enforcement agencies when a reconstruction project takes place that alters the layout of the building.

For further information on Education Law 408-b, contact your local fire and law enforcement agencies or the State Education Department at 518-474-3906, Dave Clapp ( or Laura Sahr (

If you would like to visit our web page to view the guidance information we have posted for the Section 408-b amendment, here is a hyperlink to it:

If you would like further guidance on Project SAVE School Safety Plans, here is a hyperlink:'sNewItems/ProjectSaveWhatsNew.htm 

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