Facilities Planning

Submission of Site Packages


The Office of Facilities Planning has determined that separate site packages may be submitted prior to the submission of final plans and specifications. This procedure, however, will be limited to districts that can clearly demonstrate to us that separate site submissions will benefit them substantially by saving both time and money. The intention of establishing these new procedures is to assist school districts in completing site work associated with new schools or large addition projects in a more timely fashion, and in many cases, prevent the loss of an entire construction season.

In order to ensure that our Office of Facilities Planning is not totally inundated with double submissions--one for site work and one for the actual construction components of a project--we will only agree to separate site work submissions for projects involving new instructional facilities (i.e., schools) or additions of 50,000 square feet or more to existing instructional facilities. Furthermore, the district must be able to substantiate that this procedure would be cost effective and save critical time in completing their construction project.


One Project Number will be assigned to the entire project.

Before submitting the site portion of the work, the district must do the following:

  1. Contact the appropriate project manager to discuss the need for a separate site package and obtain his/her approval to submit it.
  2. Complete the SEQRA process for the entire project (site work and actual construction).
  3. Obtain voter authorization for the entire project.
  4. Send a preliminary submission to the project manager for the building construction portion of the project, allowing sufficient time for the project manager and/or an architect in our office to review it.
  5. Provide written justification to the project manager that clearly demonstrates how this procedure will benefit the district in terms cost effectiveness and saving critical construction time.

The site work submission should include the following items:

    1. Plans and Specifications signed and sealed by an architect/engineer licensed by the State of New York, with the standard certifications to applicable codes. Plans and specifications should still include the traditional boilerplate for bidding: noncollusive certification, prevailing wage rates and equivalency clause.
    2. Highway Letter.
    3. Asbestos Certifications.

A review number would be assigned with an "SR" after the review number (similar to what we do for preliminary submittals).

Once the review is complete, an approval letter would go out to the school district along with a building permit.

The final submission of the entire project must be submitted under the same project control number and must include:

    1. One completed copy of our Checklist form.
    2. One completed copy of our Evaluation of Existing Building form.
    3. One completed copy of our Application for Examination and Approval of Final Plans and Specifications form. Note: Work previously approved in the site work only submission should be included as an incidental cost under site development on this form.
    4. One copy of a Highway Letter.
    5. One copy of Asbestos Certifications.
    6. One completed copy of our Structural Responsibility Checklist form.
    7. One complete set of final Plans and Specifications for the construction work with reference to site work already approved and bid, if applicable.

The Review Center would designate a new review number for the project control number by changing from a SR to a Final (again, similar to what is done with an addition/alteration project that has had preliminary review).

Plans and specifications for the final submission would be put on the shelf with all other projects in the order in which they were submitted.


Last Updated: May 21, 2009