Facilities Planning

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Functional Index
Work Area Name Telephone # E-mail
Building Permits Crystal Bridges 518-474-3906 cbridges@mail.nysed.gov
Construction Projects   Carl Thurnau 518-474-3906 cthurnau@mail.nysed.gov
Face to Face Review Requests Rachel Zanchelli 518-474-3906 rzanchel@mail.nysed.gov
Facilities Planning Carl Thurnau 518-474-3906 cthurnau@mail.nysed.gov
Fire Safety Inspections Laura Sahr 518-474-3906 lsahr@mail.nysed.gov
Letters of Intent Rosanne Groff 518-474-3906 rgroff@mail.nysed.gov
SEQRA Carl Thurnau 518-474-3906 cthurnau@mail.nysed.gov


Staff List
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Beaudet, Jean Associate Project Manager 518-474-3906 jbeaudet@mail.nysed.gov

Bridges, Crystal




Doyle, Martin Associate Mechanical Engineer 518-474-3906 mdoyle@mail.nysed.gov
Frandino, Tony Associate Architect 518-474-3906 afrandin@mail.nysed.gov
Frey, Stephen Education Specialist 518-474-3906 sfrey@mail.nysed.gov
Groff, Rosanne Senior Architect 518-474-3906 rgroff@mail.nysed.gov
Howe, Stephen E. Associate Mechanical Engineer 518-474-3906 showe@mail.nysed.gov
Johnson, Debbie Associate Project Manager 518-474-3906 djohns10@mail.nysed.gov
Lim, Dan  Senior Mechanical Engineer 518-474-3906 dlim@mail.nysed.gov
Sahr, Laura School Health/Safety, Emergency, and Fire Safety Coordinator
518-474-3906 lsahr@mail.nysed.gov

Sansaricq, Mary

Associate Project Manager



Seidner, Dave Senior Architect 518-474-3906 dseidner@mail.nysed.gov
Thurnau, Carl  Coordinator 518-474-3906 cthurnau@mail.nysed.gov
Westbrook, Dan Senior Mechanical Engineer 518-474-3906 dwestbro@mail.nysed.gov
Zanchelli, Rachel Clerk 518-474-3906 rzanchel@mail.nysed.gov


Last Updated: April 22, 2014