Facilities Planning

Staff Directory

Functional Index
Work Area Name Telephone # E-mail
Facilities Planning Rosanne Groff 518-474-3906 emscfp@nysed.gov
Building Permits Anthony Ghent 518-486-2049 anthony.ghent@nysed.gov
Construction Projects Rosanne Groff 518-474-3906 rosanne.groff@nysed.gov
Fire Safety Inspections Daryl Andreades 518-486-2053 firesafety@nysed.gov
Face-to-Face Review Requests Anthony Ghent 518-486-2049 anthony.ghent@nysed.gov
Letters of Intent Anthony Ghent 518-486-2049 letterofintent@nysed.gov
NYS Green Ribbon School Program Sara Madison 518-486-2046 nysgreenrib@nysed.gov


Staff List
Name Title Telephone E-mail
Andreades, Daryl Senior Architect 518-486-2053 daryl.andreades@nysed.gov
Bottisti, Jonathan Professional Engineer 1 518-486-9127 jonathan.bottisti@nysed.gov
Byron, Jaime Associate School Business Management 518-474-0016 jaime.byron@nysed.gov
Cadwell, Alvin Professional Engineer 1 518-408-1552 alvin.cadwell@nysed.gov
Clark, Wendy Associate Accountant 518-474-2380 wendy.clark@nysed.gov
Colgan, Tasha Office Assistant 2 518-474-3097 tasha.colgan@nysed.gov
Coons, Sigrid Associate School Business Management 518-486-2055 sigrid.coons@nysed.gov
el Hamimi, Abdelmaoula Assistant Engineer 518-486-9375 abdelmaoula.hamimi@nysed.gov
Frandino, Tony Associate Architect 518-408-1548 anthony.frandino@nysed.gov
Frey, Stephen Education Specialist 518-473-8826 stephen.frey@nysed.gov
Ghent, Anthony Program Aide 518-486-2049 anthony.ghent@nysed.gov
Groff, Rosanne Coordinator 518-473-8486 rosanne.groff@nysed.gov
Jesiolowski, Bruce Supervisor, School Business Management 518-486-2051 bruce.jesiolowski@nysed.gov
Lim, DanĀ  Professional Engineer 1 518-486-2052 dan.lim@nysed.gov
Madison, Sara Senior Architect 518-486-2046 sara.madison@nysed.gov
Perrotte, William Senior Architect 518-408-1553 william.perrotte@nysed.gov
Ross, Charles Senior Architect 518-474-4604 charles.ross@nysed.gov
Sanford, Sonja Office Assistant 1 518-473-2857 sonja.sanford@nysed.gov
Schriber, Steven Professional Engineer 1 518-486-5635 steven.schriber@nysed.gov
Staples, Joshua Associate School Business Management 518-474-0722 joshua.staples@nysed.gov
Towfig, Haitham (Sam) Assistant Engineer 518-474-4738 haitham.towfig@nysed.gov
Zhan, Rong Senior Accountant 518-486-2074 rong.zhan@nysed.gov

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Last Updated: October 2, 2019