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No Change in Toilet Partition Requirements

It has come to our attention that a toilet partition supplier has distributed a fabricated memo that reports a change to the New York State Education Department requirements for plastic toilet partitions as set forth in the 1998 Manual of Planning Standards posted on our web site. This change amounts to a 100% increase in cost for districts.


The official posting is located on our web site www.emsc.nysed.gov/facplan/ under Publications and Articles on the Manuals and Guidelines page. The proper citation is found on typed page number 36 or page 46 on the PDF reader. This citation is a footnote under TABEL S205-3 relating to "furniture and specialties". The note reads:

* Recommended.

NOTE: Plastic toilet partitions see "furniture and specialties" above, except: a flame spread rating of not more than 200 and a smoke density rating of less than 75 or a smoke developed rating of less than 450 may be approved.

The fabricated memo is attached her for your reference. If you find copies of this memo in your files please send an e-mail to cthurnau@mail.nysed.gov indicating how you received the memo. Remove any copies you have from your files and dispose of them.

Please find entire memo, including the fabricated memo here PDF Icon Image (59KB) .

Last Updated: September 5, 2017