Facilities Planning

Procedures for Letter of Intent (LOI) Requests

Due to the large number of requests for project control numbers, we are requesting all school districts and BOCES to use our Letter of Intent (LOI) Workbook Excel Image Icon which is available on our website.

The LOI Workbook contains forms for the following types of projects: New Construction/Addition/Reconstruction; Leased Space or Discovered Building; Manufactured Building; and District-Wide projects.

The forms are designed to speed up the process of issuing project control numbers by requesting pertinent and accurate information needed to enter the project into our system. Requests that are sent without these forms need to be routed to the project manager for interpretation and verification of building names and numbers, type of project, and scope of work to be done. This, in turn, almost always results in unnecessary delays in processing time.

When our LOI forms are completed correctly, the forms go directly to the processing center for data entry into our system and initial response letters can then be returned to the school district or BOCES in the most timely manner.

One more helpful hint: The quickest way to get these forms to us is to fax them (518 486-5918).  If you do this, please DO NOT send a hard copy by mail.  In addition, it is not necessary to send a cover letter.  Simply fax the form itself.

Last Updated: April 9, 2014