Facilities Planning

Code Compliance Checklist

The Facilities Planning Code Compliance Checklist has been updated.  Please download the updated form and use of this form for all your projects from this date forward.

We thank those individual architects and engineers utilizing the forms since 5/03 who brought a couple corrections to our attention.  They will note these are corrected.  We also added Truss/Joist Identification, site and floor plans for separations during construction, emergency sheltering requirements, and special inspections.  The date on this form is on the top right corner of page one and the top left corner of the remaining pages.  The date is 07/2005.

As with previous versions of this form and our other Excel forms, there are comment boxes if you view the form on the computer.  The comments are small red triangles that you will find added to the right of some subjects.  These comments will provide additional information, help you understand what we are looking for, and a couple provide web addresses.

We require the submission of pages 1, 2, and 3 for every project regardless of size or content. Structural and energy conservation information is required to be submitted under the new code. If you indicate certain pages as "NA" (not applicable) on page one, then you do not have to submit them. Please be aware that we will not be able to review your projects if all applicable sections of the form are not completed. We are available to answer questions, but ask that you look up the required code information before asking us if you need to provide it. We need all of you to read the new code requirements in order to facilitate a quick review.

Last Updated: April 12, 2011