Information and Reporting Services

Data Categories

Accountability (ESEA)

Guidance on how institutional accountability under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is determined.


Guidance and data on standardized State assessments.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Guidance on reporting students in Career and Technical Education programs.

Contact Information for Schools (School Directory)

Names of New York State schools as well as their CEOs, addresses, phone numbers, school types, and other contact information.

Course Data (Comprehensive Course Catalog)

Guidance on reporting codes for courses taught by New York State teachers and taken by New York State students.

Embargoed Data

Embargoed data are data that cannot be discussed at public meetings or released to the public or the media until the Department releases them publicly. Data that have been publicly released to the media or can be found on the Department's web site are not embargoed. Embargoed data may be used for internal district operations, including program and instructional planning for students and communication with individual parents about their child's academic needs.


Counts of students enrolled in public/nonpublic schools, aggregated by race/ethnicity, grade, gender, etc.

Graduation Data

Information on graduation rates of 9th grade cohorts and the plans of graduates to attend college, enter the workplace, etc. at the completion of the school year. Links to other graduation-related information.

Need-to-Resource Capacity Categories

Categories into which districts are placed based on enrollment and poverty, used to compare similar districts.

Registration - Public School

Guidance on registering public schools in New York State.

Reporting Requirements for Districts

Commissioner’s Regulations, Part 100.2(bb)(2) requiring districts to report data to the Department.

School Counts by Grade (Education Statistics)

Counts of New York State public, charter, and nonpublic schools by grade.

School Safety and the Educational Climate (DASA and VADIR)

Reports on incidents of discrimination and harassment as well as violent and disruptive incidents in districts and schools.

Special Education

Systems for collecting data on and reports on assessment results and federal allocations for students with disabilities.


Guidance on reporting data for teachers and reports on teacher salary, qualifications, age, gender, etc.

Last Updated: January 21, 2020