Information and Reporting Services

IDEx (IRS Data Exchange)


The new IRS Data Exchange (IDEx) was created to allow for easier exchange and certification of data. The prior process required LEAs to download an excel or PDF file, complete the form and upload it to NYSED using the IRSP.

Access the IDEx via the NYSED Application Business Portal.

SEDDAS Entitlements to the IDEx will be carried over directly from the IRSP.  Any new staff requiring access to the forms located in the IDEx must be given IRSP entitlements.

IDEx Navigation Guidance:

BEDS IMF 2017-18 IDEx walkthrough

LEAs: General Instructions for navigating the IDEx

RICs: General Instructions for navigating the IDEx

If you need assistance please click on the HELP button below to access DataSupport.


Last Updated: September 29, 2017