Information and Reporting Services

Verification and Certification

Data used for reporting purposes are not final until the reporting deadlines, which are typically after the end of the school year, toward the end of August or into September of the following school year. Prior to these deadlines, the Department makes preliminary data available in verification reports, which enable districts and schools to review and change their data until the final reporting deadline. Districts and schools must then certify that the data they see in these verification reports are accurate as of those deadlines.

Summary of L2RPT Reports to be reviewed, by Institution, prior to End of School Year data collection cycle

2016-17 End of Year SIRS Data Certification PDF (345 KB)

L2RPT (Level 2 Reporting Environment)

Guidance on verifying and certifying student enrollment, assessment, and outcomes as well as teacher and course data reported in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS) using the Level 2 Reporting environment.


IMPORTANT: Please view the 2015-16 End of Year SIRS data certification form. Please review your data in Level 2 and submit the completed form via .

2015-16 End of Year (EOY) Statement of Certification of SIRS Verification Reports for school districts, charter schools and BOCES NYS Comprehensive Course Catalog Workbook (54KB)


Nonpublic and Article 81 School 2015-16 End of Year Certification of Verification Reports Form PDF (14KB)

Nonpublic and Article 81 schools do not have access to the IRS Portal. These schools must certify 2015-16 EOY Verification Reports no later than September 9, 2016.


PD (Pupils with Disabilities) Data System

Guidance on verifying and certifying data on students with disabilities reported in the PD Data System.


Last Updated: June 1, 2017