Information and Reporting Services

Collection of Personnel Master File (PMF) Data

The 2014-15 Collection

Please note that beginning in 2014-15, PMF teaching data will be collected electronically. The ePMF (Electronic Personnel Master File) system will gather the same data teachers previously provided the Department on bubble sheets (green and brown forms). Teachers will complete an electronic form by logging into the TAA (Teacher Access and Authorization) system using the same user and password information for TSVR (Teacher Student Roster Verification)

Non-teaching staff who previously used pink or blue bubble forms will continue to do so.

Make certain teachers have and know their TEACH IDs. The ePMF collection will use this unique identifier provided by the Office of Teaching Initiatives.

Provide teachers with a timeline for completing their ePMF forms. SED’s timeline is October 1 (opening) to January 15th (teacher access locked).


In 2014-15 uploading Staff Snapshot records will generate PINs for teachers who do not currently have active TAA accounts. Notify your teachers when Staff Snapshot records are loaded. No teachers will be able to access an ePMF form until a Staff Snapshot record is loaded for him/her. The Position Title (Teacher) on the Staff Snapshot template must be populated with “Teacher” in order to generate an ePMF form. If non-teaching staff are included in this field with “TEACHER,” an ePMF form will be generated for them. In this case, the district should work with their Regional Information to remove that designation or delete the record.

Determine who in your district will be charged with reviewing the information collected via ePMF. To allow district administrators the ability to assist teachers in TAA account creation and TSRV and ePMF review, the TAA administrator application will provide two SEDDAS entitlements:

  1. TAA/TSRV This role allows administrators to view TAA account creation progress, view basic roster data, deactivate TAA accounts for certain users, and view the submission status of ePMF;
  2. TAA/TSRV/ePMF This role entitles users to everything in role 1 as well as the ability to review and edit ePMF data for staff they oversee.

2014-15 Timeline for ePMF - Teaching Professional Staff
September 2014

  • Districts should begin preparing Staff Snapshot data for loading. These data are required for PIN generation. Teachers will not see an ePMF form when they log in to TAA unless the district has loaded Staff Snapshot data.

October 2014

January 2015

  • Teachers can enter and revise ePMF data until January 15, 2015.
  • Superintendents will be able to review, correct and certify their teacher ePMF data until January 30, 2015. Superintendents will log in using their SEDDAS credentials and will need to entitle administrative users to the “Personnel Master File.”

Guidance for ePMF Teaching Staff 2014

2014-15 Timeline for PMF - Non-Teaching Professional Staff

September 2014

  • PMF non-teaching forms and assignment code booklets mailed to districts/BOCES

October 2014

  • BEDS Day October 1, 2014
  • PMF Non-Teaching forms returned to Office of Information and Reporting by October 31, 2014

Guidance for Non-Teaching Staff 2014

Forms 2014


Last Updated: December 12, 2014