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Collection of Basic Educational Data System (BEDS)

Fall 2013

TThe Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) Institutional Master File (IMF) application for Public School Districts and Schools, Charter Schools, BOCES and Nonpublic Schools will be available tomorrow, November 13th after noon, via the IRS portal. Paper copies of these forms and their instructions can be found below.

Using your SEDDAS username and password please log on, complete and submit the appropriate forms by December 13th. If you need assistance regarding your username and password, please contact or (518) 473-8832.

If you have any questions regarding the on-line application, please contact or (518) 474-7965.


Public Schools

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Public School Codes PDF document (108KB)

Non-Public Schools

Personnel Master File (PMF):

BEDS Day is Wednesday, October 2, 2013.  If your school is closed or in some other manner observing a religious holiday on October 2, then you may consider the next day that your school is in session and not observing a religious holiday as appropriate for completion of the BEDS survey.  The due date for submission of all BEDS survey materials (including teaching and non-teaching bubble sheets) remains Friday, October 25, 2013.

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NOTE: PMF Assignment correction forms are attached to the memos:

Memos 2013

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BEDS PMF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Assignment Codes - Teaching and Non Teaching

The Three Year Enrollment Summary, distributed by State Aid to districts' State Aid designees in June 2013 (see content of memo on State Aid website), refers to some summary data collected from BEDS Online and some collected through the SIRS. Over the course of the three school years represented in the report, an increasing number of elements have been sourced from SIRS (and less sourced from BEDS Online), so we are providing the following Excel spreadsheet guide (link to download below) to help districts determine from exactly which source we are pulling each element's count. We also indicate which elements may still be corrected (and how), as well as where to look to verify the latest counts. Corrections may be submitted until the 2012-13 SY data collection is closed (currently 8/23/2013).


  • The guide explains -- if corrections are allowable -- the processes that must be used to submit revisions
  • The guide explains that while 3-year Enrollment data sourced from SIRS came from the April 2013 snapshot, it is important that districts confirm that CURRENT data are accurate (and explains this in more detail)

For changes to counts reported via SIRS (see guide), please submit revised enrollment records to the SIRS Level 2 data warehouse using your normal Level 1 Data Center's local data processing procedures.

For changes to counts reported via the BEDS On-Line (see guide) please contact the Office of Information and Reporting Services at 518-474-7965 to coordinate processing the necessary changes. If changes are allowed, districts must make a hard copy of any page on the 3-year enrollment report on which a BEDS Online-sourced count is in error, place a line through the erroneous count, write the corrected count next to it, and the Superintendent must sign each correction, and fax to Information and Reporting Services at 518-474-4351 with cover sheet titled "3-YR ENRLMT CORRECTNS". (Alternately, the Superintendent may sign once per page and initial each correction.)

For changes to counts reported by charter schools or non-public schools (see guide) please contact that school's Data Coordinator to discuss what records may be in error or unsubmitted. In cases in which the Data Coordinator is not responsive, districts may ask their RIC representative to work with them to reach out to Charter school Data Coordinators (the RIC also hosts Charter school data, and may already have a working relationship with their Data Coordinator). If a Nonpublic Data Coordinator is not responsive, districts may ask The Office of Information and Reporting Services (IRS) for assistance; Nonpublic enrollment counts come entirely from the BEDS Online system, thus the RIC will be unable to assist with any Nonlpublic corrections. Contact IRS at 518-474-7965 to escalate if needed, and to coordinate processing any necessary changes.

Last Updated: June 3, 2014