Information and Reporting Services

NYSED Information & Reporting Services' IRS Calendar
and L2RPT SIRS Report refresh dates

Report Report Folder Refresh START
SIRS-307 Annual Dropout & NonCompleter Report Annual Outcomes 10/6/2014
SIRS-308 Annual Graduation & Post Graduation Plans Report Annual Outcomes 10/6/2014
SIRS-309 Annual Regents Report Annual Outcomes 10/6/2014
SIRS-310 Annual Regents Competency Report Annual Outcomes 10/6/2014
SIRS-312 BEDS Day Enrollment for State Aid BEDS 10/6/2014
SIRS-313 BEDS Day Enrollment Verification Report by Location of Enrollment & Student Subgroup BEDS 10/6/2014
SIRS-314 BEDS Day Enrollment by District of Residence BEDS 10/6/2014
SIRS-316 BEDS Day Pre-K Enrollment Report BEDS 10/6/2014
SIRS-319 BEDS Day Enrollment in Public and Charter Schools by Resident District BEDS 10/6/2014
SIRS-323 Free and Reduced Price Lunch Eligible Students Enrolled on BEDS Day BEDS 10/6/2014
SIRS-306 Career and Technical Education Report CTE 10/6/2014
SIRS-401 Reasonableness Report Reasonableness 10/6/2014
SIRS-320 Staff Snapshot Verification Report Staff 12/1/2014
SIRS-350 Monthly Student Enrollment Summary Report BEDS 12/8/2014
SIRS-101 High School Accountability Data Verification Report Accountability 1/5/2015
SIRS-315 Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) Verification Report Course 1/5/2015
SIRS-318 Staff Assignment Verification Report Staff 1/5/2015
SIRS-104 NYSITELL Summary Report Tested/Not Tested 1/5/2015
SIRS-301 Tested/Not Tested Confirmation Report Tested/Not Tested 1/5/2015
SIRS-201 Total Cohort Summary Total Cohort 1/5/2015
SIRS-202 Total Cohort Assessment Summary Total Cohort 1/5/2015
SIRS-601 Postsecondary Enrollment Summary PostSecondary spring 2015
SIRS-602 Postsecondary Enrollment and Progress of Students by High School Cohort PostSecondary spring 2015
SIRS-603 Postsecondary Enrollment Freshman to Sophmore Retention PostSecondary spring 2015
SIRS-604 Postsecondary Graduation Summary PostSecondary spring 2015
SIRS-3xx Attendance Report BEDS spring 2015
Staff Tenure Staff spring 2015
SIRS-311 Teacher and Course Verification Report Course NA
SIRS-102 Elementary/Middle-Level Accountability Data Verification Report Accountability ~May 2015
SIRS-103 NYSESLAT Participation for Recently Arrived LEP Students Report Accountability ~May 2015
Student Class Grade Detail Course spring/summer 2015
SIRS-501 Score Report (NYSTP) Score Reports tbd (summer)
SIRS-502 Score Report (NYSESLAT) Score Reports tbd (summer)
SIRS-503 Score Report (NYSAA) Score Reports tbd (summer)
SIRS-317 Staff Evaluation Rating Verification Report Staff tbd (end summer/fall)
Last Updated: March 10, 2015