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IRS Calendar || L2RPT Report Review Summary
L2RPT SIRS Report Resources || L2RPT Report Review Summary | L2RPT report refresh dates

Summary of L2RPT Reports to be reviewed, by Institution, prior to End of School Year data collection cycle

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L2RPT SIRS Report refresh tables || Sort By: Refresh START Date | SIRS Report Number

L2RPT "First Refresh Dates" for all L2RPT SIRS Reports (Updated 09/26/19)

Below are two variations of the L2RPT SIRS Reports' "first refresh" start dates. The first list is sorted by the earliest date ("Refresh START") on which the report was made available; the second list is sorted by sequential SIRS Report number.

L2RPT SIRS Reports Refresh Start Dates (Sorted by SIRS REPORT Number) Tested/Not Tested Confirmation Report

L2RPT Reports Refresh Start Dates (Sorted by START Date) Tested/Not Tested Confirmation Report

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Last Updated: September 26, 2019